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MoralityGenocide ep2

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It far in the future. Earth is long dead from global warming, pollution and overall carelessness of the human race. However humanity did survive- colonization vessels were sent to planets thought to be inhabited, which made use of cryostasis (freezing). This is the story of one just such planet, and what it means to be human. In an attempt to not let history repeat itself an international organization was formed to control the planets population through use of death squads, that kill regardless of race/ nationality/ religion/ political affiliation/etc. This series is about the personal lives and feeling of just such a death squad. By showing this dystopian future I hope to paint a version of humanity never seen before, and hopefully provoke a reaction, however small, that will help save out current planet without the use of such grotesque measures, while we still can.

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Great job

Kudos to all involved! The voice acting was even better here than in episode 1.

Those that may review this after me please take into account that Yuriy has to gather all the voice work from multiple people and that takes time.

Creating something like this is not easy by any means.

Now my thoughts on this episode:

The first episode was really good, this one doesn't have as much of a hook at the end to keep watching for episode 3 (I'm going to be looking forward to it anyway though!)

As many have said before the pace on this one is a bit slow, but pace/timing is probably the hardest thing to get perfect.

Keep up the good work if all person are available to do more episodes and they don't get picked up by a studio to do commercial work or something! ;)

Nice 3D


YuriytheBest responds:

thanks! glad you liked the story and 3d!

wont play

hey buddy there isnt a play button. could u fix that for me?

YuriytheBest responds:

there is a play button- hmm try re-loading the movie

A Good idea but not pulled off the best

I genuinely think this is a good idea but the flash has a number of problems:
1) The scripting isnt great, what the people say isnt clever or funny.
2) I can see you put alot of effort into your drawings, some were ok but they still arent great, (sorry :/ )
3) The Animations were not that great too, some were ok but some were not good.
4) The pace is very very very slow, there is too many pauses.
5) Finally im confused, is this ment to be taken seriously or is it a weird joke or something. When the black guy( sorry i forgot but you didnt even mention him in your authors comments) gets knocked out there is a comical laugh. This seems very badly timed and doesnt match the atmoshere that is being set which is all doom and gloom post apocoliptic.

I think with time you can make this alot better and the idea is good and can be followed on, just try not make the story predictable e.g. there is a rebelion and the black scientist guy joins them etc.

Hope that helped and keep it up, it could get quite good.

The Shak

very interesting story

the problem ur having is pacing. Its a little slow, which turns people off when u dont get straight to the point. ( the cutscenes of the buildings, and the prolonged walking sequences are what im reffering to). However, the story is bloody great. Maybe a bit to ambitious, but the scores dont lie, ur pulling it off.

Keep it up

YuriytheBest responds:

thanks! yeah I was aiming for a more tv-show esque type of pacing.
Don't worry- the story is just getting started :)