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Skate Game WOOT!

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It's just some shit I threw together...


simplistic graphics, accurate animation.

that's what makes this so good :) i can really appreciate the accuracy of this animation as i was a skater a while back...
good to see you included a decent array of different tricks since there were only 6 to choose from, and even though you easily could of made it more engaging with backgrounds and such, i really thought the realistic movements of our blue-capped friend were captivating enough. nice work dude.

It's all about the footwork

I like the way he sets up for his kickflips, so real, so real. way to hold down for the guys who ride ply. Awsome man!


It was ok for a few moments but the movie/game would be more exciting if the person was 3D not stick drawing. Maybe some more creative options like obstacles coming up and you pick a move to do over them, etc? Anyway a great start and there is plenty to improve on this movie/game. ;)

better then a lot of stuff

was it a game or movie? newayz it was still pretty good

HempForPresident responds:

Hey, thanks for the positive reviews guys... never thought I'd see even one! I did this movie back in the days of Flash 3, and it was really my first attempt at looping, interactivity, etc. The shit I used to do was pretty funny, but still stick-figures and not too quality. I've been working on a site for my University: http://nsm1.nsm.iup.edu/ynbl/k-12.html

It's much better, but not finished, or funny or interesting at all... I'm getting better at flash and am starting to make my first real Newgrounds submission. Keep your eyes out.

hmmm not bad

ok even though i dont like skate movies, this one passed cause you get the option of what trick to do, and i havnt seen that before, so great job, maybe ad some music, anyways great work, keep it up...

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2.24 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2002
11:37 PM EDT
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