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This toon was created to advertize the fifth annual competition called Drunken Kung-Fu Fighta! it began a few years back and consists of lots of drinking and attempts to complete a fairly elaborate backyard obstacle course.
The ad was inspired, slightly by the opening sequence to Kill Bill vol 2.
The song is sure to be recognized as "Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting" by Carl Douglas.
I did try to submit yesterday, and got an error message, I didnt think it loaded, but apparently it did, I made a few changes today, sorry for anyone who may have already seen!



I love Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2, but I don't see how this ad could be inspired by the movie.
The animation was a bit inconsistant art-work wise and if some one didn't catch the information regarding where the invent was being held/time etc. there's either a problem with paying close attention or your timing is off. I'm going to assume it's both, but considering that Red and Yellow go acceptionally well together, they blend instead of pop. I also viewded that it's not only the colours you've chosen but the layout of which you used to present the information. I saw jumbled letters, so maybe that's why some people have missed the info, but we shouldn't have to pay such close attention to see the wording and I understand that you can probably see them just fine, though, that would be simply because you are the one who constructed this "flash" video.
If you DO want me to get into the foundation of the art, I would be more than happy to ablige, but I lack technical terms so it would be difficult to percieve my conception of your video.
I honestly have nothing further to say at the moment, but I wish you luck on getting this right. It's not about what people think, it's about how comfortable you feel with the video that matters. If you feel something is missing, people will indubitably find the flaws.

Although I understand certain individual has not submitted any video flash/games or music, that doesn't make them ignorant concerning them. There are jobs out in the world that do nothing except edit/configure such things, but have no contribution toward the video art wise etc. For instance, like alive action movie, the producer of the film contributes his work, dedication, critique and the likes to produce the film, but does he apply acting skills into the movie? No, I think not, unless he's the kind that loves to do cameos and input a tiny script for himself, but I hope you understand what I'm saying. There's no need to judge someones opionion based on what they have or don't have which is frightfully foolish, to be quite honest.


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Awedball responds:

I thank you for you critique, and the time you spent watching and evaluating the submission. I appreciate the honest evaluation and agree with much of what you have to say. I will be honest, this was put together in less than 24 hours and could be improved upon (and will be, as I have continued to work on it and will continue to do so until I do feel it is perfect)
However, I stand by my dismissal of the review you mentioned, and the reviewer. Not because the review was negative, but because the review was ignorant. Why should I value the imput of someone who clearly didnt bother to judge the work as it was presented when that individual didnt bother to judge the work in the same manner? Opinions are like A-holes, everyone has one. and some people just are one. Had the review pointed out a weakness in the artwork, the presentation or the message, there would be value to it. To dismiss, or insult the work offhand as the reviewer did is ignorant, particularly in an environment that was created for exactly this type of project. This piece is a 100% flash creation, and while it is not another humorous skit or game, It is the kind of work newgrounds was created for.
And no, I dont believe someone has to work with a medium to offer a valuable opinion on something, but if someone wants to be taken seriously they should at least understand what they are judging and the forum they are passing judgment in.


It seemed to lack any form of story line. And it doesn't make me want to watch or do whatever with the actual show, so I would say isn't a good ad.

The actual animation wasn't too bad. For the most part it was done well, but it seemed to be lacking any fluid movement, and due to that, its easy, and lacks effort other flashes give.

The sound was done well overall. The song seemed to be a little too quiet, and didn't fit the ad well. (I really like the song though ^_^)

You can do better, you show potential. I look forward to your next flash.

Not Bad.

I found it quite funny actually :D

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i say this would make front page if you put more animation into it because that guy just driving the car isn't that entertaining but its an interesting video XD maby add the cans fighting or somthing XP

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put this on youtube

not newgrounds.

Awedball responds:

This was created 100% in flash, its an animation and I was interested in opinions on that. I notice you have submitted exactly nothing to the portal, so it makes sense you wouldnt understand the difference.

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