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Galaxy Fighter

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Galaxy Fighter
Fight with your mecha machine in a cold war against the evil empire! The game has several arms to upgrade and use.

Some controls
Use the usual WASD keys to move around, mouse to aim and take out your target(s)

GDK international


A wast of my time!!!

It sounded cool but weapons are weak, low hp, and no fun

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Good idea wrong executed

It really needs a lot of work in the graphics and gameplay, also the sword needs to do more damage even kill lesser enemies in one hit, I mean why one will use a close range weapon that is pretty weak even if it has infinite ammo if you have a weapon of the same features but of long range (the first gun).
Realy I was expecting more from arcade games. Dissapointing.

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no sorry...

Sorry but this game got nothing new...
undeveloped graphics and audio

and the gameplay is boring, nothing new.
and the AI got much kewler wpns...

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Only crap

useless game... with a worst graphic and a better gameplay, weapons, variety of enemy, shot livels and move i'll be better... I don't know why it's in the frontpage... Bad, very bad... My first 0/5... Only because you probably think that graphic is all

Come on, it's not that bad...

...but needs some serious fixes.

- Apparently, there is some kind of storyline... I don't know, I just skipped it. You don't need any storyline for a game like this. Believe me.
- Saber is totally useless.
- You can't tell what items do you get... they look all the same. I didn't even know when i picked up a health boost - at first i thought there is some glitch in the game and when i die, I don't lose a life.
- When you get better weapon, it should be automaticly switched.
- Sound effects are too similiar to each other and boring.
- Obstacles, like crates or something, would be useful.
- Weapons range is too short.
- No boss fight.

At least the lenght of the game was perfect - only 4 levels. It would get boring if it was any longer.


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Credits & Info

2.51 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2009
8:54 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun