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Galaxy Fighter

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Galaxy Fighter
Fight with your mecha machine in a cold war against the evil empire! The game has several arms to upgrade and use.

Some controls
Use the usual WASD keys to move around, mouse to aim and take out your target(s)

GDK international


what the...

first: graphics are pretty good, but something is missing about them
second: no way to get more ammo or health, so its a pretty "play-for-five-minutes-and-lose"
third: as below, all you say in the 'history' is that the evil guys are evil and that you are to 'save to world' you could have thought of something more original.
fourth: only 1 continuous level
fifth: i attack with the sword at a turret and it doesn't damage it.

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Above blamable...

But well below applause worthy in the way of games.

Something is missing that turns the "objective" into an actual story. There is nothing here besides your word that the evil empire is evil. By the end I was hankering for some story based enemy. A warehouse of goods stolen from the homes of exiles and we need to collect the property. A bunker of missiles to be launched at civilian rebel camps. Maybe, and this is a shocker, some sort of boss.

Your method for inferring a third dimension is interesting but it is nothing more than a tiered two dimensional game with the ability for the units to shoot between tiers. This has proven to be somewhat clumsy and annoying in previous games and is not much improved here.

The game was overall rather anti-climactic, and seemed to be a victory by attrition rather than any real resolution.

-Love the way you get enemies into the fight.
-The music was OK for the first level.
-Decent graphics and awesome artwork.

-No real conclusion.
-Each level needed its own music and something less repetitive therein.
-Neither 3-d nor 2-d = bastard child game play.
-Graphics fail to compensating for poor game design.
-Ammo and health is something you should allow the player to pick up by walking over them.

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Great, but has some kinks to work out.

It was good, and the graphics were good. It's obvious that you spent a lot of time on it. However there IS more to a game than great graphics. Good graphics are kind of a measure of how awesome a game is AFTER its super fun. I am sure you have seen games with badly drawn people but with EXCELLENT gameplay being featured on the frontpage. This is probably on the front page because it has 2.5D or 3D elements that actually look good and run well in a flash game. As a demonstration of Flash's overall capabilities as well as yours-It's awesome. However, this game would be better if you could actually dodge the shots with more than just dumb luck. Also, I have played through three levels and there is no Upgrade panel or anything resembling that in sight. I just beat the game......wtf? Thats it? 5 stages? Wow. Also, there are no upgrades AT ALL. There is a huge difference betweeen an upgrade and a pick up. Why did you give us 5 weapons when the first one and the sword are both useless? I hope this was not a REAL game. It was probably a demonstration of 3D gaming with in Flash. If it was a game 2/5 4/10. If it was a Demo 5/5 10/10.

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Honestly I was beyond disappointed with this, you made effort on the graphics but good graphics don't make a good game. The reason I'm saying that is because although the graphics are good, the game-play just sucks, there's almost no possibility of dodging the enemy shots and the weapons you have are weak which make this game annoying. It's also repetitive, and the music makes me want to plug my ears for eternity.

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it was just ridculous >_>

seriously! i'd write a huge text but peoplearead wrot what i wanted so just read everything and try to make a game!

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2.51 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2009
8:54 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun