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Galaxy Fighter

rated 2.51 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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Aug 22, 2009 | 8:54 PM EDT

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Galaxy Fighter
Fight with your mecha machine in a cold war against the evil empire! The game has several arms to upgrade and use.

Some controls
Use the usual WASD keys to move around, mouse to aim and take out your target(s)

GDK international



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Cool, but...

Alot of what everyone else said below is probably better than what I will post here.
My issue is the story but here goes.

Art:10 Friking Beautiful. In game its really good too.
Game play :2 Its been over done. It's no different than a bunch of other games of this type. If it wasn't on front page, I wouldn't have played it. I never will after this again. There are a tonne of games like this that look amazing but the game play is so basic, unoriginal and reminds me of the old Nintendo games. I actually rolled my eyes when I started playing the game cause it was another Nice looking, boring straight forward 3rd person shooter as made by others. As I played I found the Art was really good though.
Story: 3. Heres the have a straight forward story, beautiful art to match it, but nothing happens story wise afterwards. I only got to level 4, but its never mentioned again.
Music: 5. Appropriate music, but typical music.

Overall I think the graphics do not match the simplicity of the game play.
I don't understand why you would spend more time on game play, when you spent such an amazing time on the artwork.
It seems like you thought "Amazign artwork will make this game awesome"
Art work helps, but if your gonna have that level of proffesionality, than everything else should be amazing too.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Can't see myself playing this for a long time.

This game really doesn't hold my attention for too long. The graphics are kinda cool and remind me of an old school side scrolling beat-em up. However, that's where the similarities stop. The game just doesn't seem like it flows well, and there really isn't a storyline other than "shoot stuff until it you advance levels," is there? Also, I think your character can take a ridiculous amount of damage before dying. Fix the damage, shooting, and maybe add a lil story other than "Fight with your mecha machine in a cold war against the evil empire!," (AKA pew pew, keep pewing, okay level done), and you've got a pretty cool game.

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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

boring, doesnt flow well, good potential

a few things i would recomend, cause this game does have good potential, but it just seems like it was either rushed, or a lot of work wasnt put into it: the game doesnt really flow that well; like a lot of other people said, it was clunky... moveable third person shooter games have to move really fluently, or else the game wont have good quality, and the character will be hard to maneuver (which will piss people off)... also, it seemed like you could not dodge an opponents attack... im not saying the game should be easy but when u are swarmed by enemies and u constantly have to go off screen to dodge their attacks and not die, it gets annoying... the game is very, VERY, repetitive, and u constantly use the same weapons... you should make powerups or abilities and have more weaopns or upgradable weapons... there is no story... that is boring and uncool, it will bore the player quickly... the music is looped, hearing the same thing over and over again makes me want to drill out my ear drums... make it an interactive play board, or have interactive side characters, build ontop of what you have and make the game complex... like i said... great potential but very underdeveloped... nice try though

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Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Why did the website tell me to play this!?

You get one star for effort but fck this game is SOOOooo clunky and badly thoght out the plot seems to go nowhere and at one point i was so bored i went afk but thats not the point the point is that when i came back about 30 later i was surrounded by other robots witch were shooting at me and i still had agood 10 sec to logg in b4 i died


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It's clunky

I'd give this another try. While a lot of time is spent on the graphics, it kind of reminds me of the old shooter games where the controls felt very robotic. Very stop and go. It had a jerky feel. And yes you're too slow to really dodge anything. Need to put some tricks in to help survie a bit longer.
Also You need to be a bit more imagintive on your weapons. You have put-put shooter, beam, then MOAR PWRFUL BEAM!, then FIREBALZ! All sraight shot weapons. Dual shot, Spread shots, circular pathing, continous beams, seeking missles, bombs, explosion damage, ect... are what good shooters thrive on. The sword isn't really worth using. You just get hurt.
You enemies also have some bug issues. Some were wandering aimlessly, others look away from you and shoot, while others would bunch up and form a big cluster and trap themselves.
Finally, the graphics are good, but when I see 3D modelling on a 2D game it kinda remeins me of old NES games that were "3D" but really not. It looks great, But I've played better shooters with worse graphics. Also, where's the colours? All I see is blue, grey, black and yellow in most of the enviroments and enemies.
If this is just to show of your character modelling skills, great job... but the game need a lot of work.

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