What Birthers Believe

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A "Birther" is someone who believes Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States, and is therefore not legally the President. This movie is an extremely fair and accurate depiction of what birthers actually believe.


To the people...

who complain that this is radical and then continue to talk about how they really just don't like it because it makes fun of what they believe, you need to shut up. It is not someones beliefs about Obama being an American citizen, because there is factual evidence to prove that he is. Beliefs are things that are unverifiable... thinking that Obama is some kind of extremist muslim bent on US destruction is retarded. As a matter of fact, these same people who started the Obama birth certificate thing also said McCain wasn't a citizen. So its not a matter of beliefs or conservatism, its a matter of common sense and excepting the truth or stupidity and retardation. Honestly, a team of doctors and nurses who delivered Obama in Hawai'i could present these "birthers" with the original certificate and they would still not believe it. Why? Because Americans (i am one too) tend to believe in conspiracy crap and everyone wants everything to be some huge plot to destroy all of the rest of us. GROW UP and stop complaining.

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It's hard to believe that anyone could actually be so stupid as to believe this.

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Hilarious! It's a pity some people can't seem to understand satire too well, judging by the comments. I feel bad for Obama since he's got so many problems that he needs to take of. I was going to rate it lower, but then I noticed some people who rated low due to political views. Come on guys, it's a flash, not a propaganda campaign. >.>

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to rat fact

personaly im was behind the birther movement for a litel while i stil think obamma
is not leagaly alowed to be president but
any infomation to the contrary is either gone or dosent exist

LOL!!!!!!!! hes a kenyan

thx for the info

I'm going to use this as information in a school report for an example of how people are ridiculous about obama and read much too far into things and then throw them out of proportion. but yea i'm going to cite you in it, hopefully I do it right. rough draft is due tomorrow.

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