What Birthers Believe

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A "Birther" is someone who believes Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States, and is therefore not legally the President. This movie is an extremely fair and accurate depiction of what birthers actually believe.


hahahahaha thats funny!!

now that made me chuckle lol

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I enjoyed it very much, but Stuven dosnt realize theat McCain was a much worse candidate and would have lead us even worse.
OBama=4 more years of confusion.


Funny, but not what Birther's believe, at least I hope not. I don't see anything wrong with people wanting to have it proved that Obama was born in the USA. Those who are extreme with this view and go out and protest are labeled as "Birthers". Now you know damn well if Arnold S. tried to run for President, as a Republican, the Democrats would be in an uproar because he wasn't born in the USA. If they tried to change the law so a US citizen, who wasn't born in the USA, could run as President so Arnold could run, the Dems would do everything in their power to prevent such a law from being passed.

I think any President, no matter what their party affiliation is, should have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were legally born in the USA. I do not think it is fair people are being labeled "birthers" when the Democrats would do the exact same thing if the situation was reversed.

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tlgmedia responds:

Ok, MAYBE this isn't 100% accurate. We might have taken a few liberties here and there. Very minor things.

In my mind, Obama has proven beyond doubt that he was born in Hawaii. They released his birth certificate and had it thoroughly checked by FactCheck.org to prove it's real. On top of that, they released the newspaper announcement of his birth, and the only reason they haven't released a "long-form" certificate is that Hawaii doesn't actually issue a form like that. When Ann Coulter criticizes a position like this it's probably about time to drop it.

I think no matter what your political affiliation, there's better things to criticize Obama about beyond where you think he was born.

Just one thing...

First off, much of the majority of voodoo practice is practiced in Haiti, and secondly my dad is a staunch birther, and although I don't agree with him on some areas, I don't realize why Obama doesn't really want to show his birth certificate.

Secondly, when this whole 'birther' concept came to be, it was during the middle of the presidents campaign, but when the charges were filed, the judge delayed the trial until AFTER election day, whereas Obama was then elected to be president.

That is where you have much of the controversy. Calling people who believe this 'stupid' or 'idiotic' is rather an insensitive remark and is quite possibly the easiest to make against birthers. But what really gets me is that people are not concerned with such a matter as this, being how so much was done to cover up and delay the investigations.

You see, I'm not really one to take sides, but I do want a little more information, and being called 'stupid' for it gets me scared of the general publics naive attitude towards their government and ticked that the questioning of our government (or the origins of its leader) is frowned upon by this community.

Although I doubt this is an 'accurate depiction', being I have to live with a uber-right wing dad and uber-left wing grandmother, I tend to recieve both sides of the story. This, however, could have been represented better and I feel that you placed much of your own opinions into this, giving a sarcastic light on the whole subject, like it's something to be laughed at and forgotten.

I hope you understand my viewpoint and in all sense I am welcome to see your sources and facts that can back up your argument. All I'm saying is that although I'm neither for or against the president, I WOULD like to know where he was born, since that greatly affects his eligibility as president, seeing how it was stated in our founding fathers legislature that only a native born citizen could assume the role as president. Just don't call me stupid for trying to get the facts.

Well done old bean!

From the reviews I've read so far, the only criticism this flash has received has ranged from "not that funny" to "FUCK U liberal SHIT!!!"

While I have to agree, it wasn't really that funny, it did do a good job at representing the paranoia of the average "birther." For that, you get a gold star...and hugs...

As for the second argument..........does anyone really give a shit?

Also, good work on the animation and voicework. For that, you get a cookie...and another gold star...

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