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Flox is a simple game where you try to capture and merge circles of the same colors using your mouse as a lasso and then you click those circles to send them to the ever-shrinking pool in the center. If the pool shrinks to nothing it's game over. I developed this game using Flash ActionScript 3 mainly as I was experimenting with ethereal effects and flocking algorithm. I hope you enjoy playing this game. See how much you can score! Please feel free to leave any comments or feedback.


Version 1.23
- Added skippable hint screen before gameplay

Version 1.22
- Optimised game loop to eliminate crashes
- Fixed disappearing font issues
- Enabled highscores
- Fixed bug that makes game stop after Kong ads

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U know the Orisinal game was more fun to play. I dunno why.
Here is what I not liked. That is when the circle shrinks to some smaller size i cannot recognize the color!

Nice looking game and when the gameover it looks very cool fall apart to particles.

copet80 responds:

Thanks for the feedback :) Just before I read your comment, I've actually released a minor release that changes the boundary to the same color of the pool. I hope that'll help people to recognize the color :)

not for me

i found it rather boring.

copet80 responds:

Sorry to hear that. My next game is going to be really action-oriented. No crap or false promises now, but I'll keep you notified when the game's released :)


but strangely slow and unresponsive. I wonder if IO ought to just reboot my omputer. I give you a ten for ambience and will be generous - maybe it's my end.

copet80 responds:

Some people do complaint that it's a bit slow, if it's really slow for you do you mind posting your processor speed and memory capacity? I tried using my old laptop but I still can't reproduce the slowness. I just have to keep hunting for different configurations I guess. Thank you so much for playing and for posting such generous score. I hope to be able to improve it from performance POV.


I just learnt what to do here :)
Nice game , it's a shame you didnt get top 5 :(

copet80 responds:

Thank you for playing! I'll keep learning and hope to do a better game that deserves a top 5 :)

It's a nice game for relaxing

the ambience created is great!
watch out for the color of the circle in the center, you can only combine circles of the current color of the pool - I guess a lot of people didn't realize that. when the pool shrinks to nothing the game is over. THAT is the time limit.
Though it isn't a game that you'd pour a couple of hours playing, it is a great game for relaxing.

copet80 responds:

Thank you for playing! If the game makes you relaxed, then I think i've hit bulls eye, because that's exactly what I keep having in mind when developing this game :) Thank you so much!

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3.00 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2009
7:45 AM EDT
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