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Breath of air

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Hello!!....after a hot and sunny summer spent here and everywhere, I finally finished this cartoon!! wohoo!! XD I'm glad with it..even if drawings and animations are not outstanding, I'm trying to send a very important message to everyone...don't kill our planet earth!! :((
I hope you will get this good message and enjoy the cartoon anyway...
thank you!!

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Good job

Greatest video I have seen U do so far, but I must disagree with one of your points... Technology is in the world 2 make things easier. I MUST HAVE COMPUTER

Shan83 responds:

yes you are right..infact I love PCs!!...I just meant, not to abuse of technology!! :))
thank you fo the vote!!! :)))

well, lets say it like this:

Animation and sound are kind of ok, but im not that big fan of 'pro earth - polution is bad' but that might be caus I'm german and we just spend billions of billions of euros to 'save the earth', we ARE one of the countrys with the least polution lvl and got so many green parks etc.
in stead this money shuold be spend for health care - sotial care and especially for the education system with is just plain shit at the moment here (old teachers who can't handle the youth any more, guys who don't know anything of childcare taking care of kids in kindergarden, etc. etc. etc.) so i can only grand u 3/5 6/10

Shan83 responds:

of course I understand your point of view.
money should be spent always for a good cause...but where do you build those association, if you don't have a good place? ;)
help the others, help the children, but let them live in a good place, probably before they get sick with pollution and global warming! :(

Good one

Great graphics, for the most part. The various zoom-in effects you used were all good. I like the font you used for the text too. Overall, a cool submission.

~ Z

Shan83 responds:

thank you, frenzy ;)

uhhh not bad.


Shan83 responds:

lol, thanx for the vote! :P

very good.

i find it funny how you spent the summer on the computer making a video telling people to go outside. anyway, nice work, i like the japanese

Shan83 responds:

lol true...you are right!! XD but...believe me, I have been outside for a few weeks..then...I got back home finishing my video..! haha! thank you! :)