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Zelda: UO Epis:8

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This is the BETA version of Zelda UO.

To follow the final version of the story, visit us here: www.whookos.com


i've watched and re-watched, still love it

10/10, favorite LoZ based flash ever. and i love the wall of "Scoot WHOOKOS" at the credits. you really gotta get a partner or two to help produce these.

Please listin

I completely understand what your saying with collage and the fact that you wan to be more original but the facts remain 1. you a pretty good animator. 2. youve come up with new things in zelda i never would have thought of and its more intresting because it leaves so much to the imagination .3 The series is excellent and unfinished. 4. i think that although your using another series charactors it dosnt mean your not reative or original you just are using an amazing backstory for your coverstory and its really smart the fact that you referance all loz and still make it feel like a tv show or an anime boggles my mind. it dosnt feel like nintendos loz it feels like legend of scoot the amazing author. im not here to change your mind. your busy you want to move on and i understand. the one think i want you to relize is there are thousands like me who enjoy your videos and its not because its OOO ZELDA STUFF :3 i came from a zelda link and stayed for the amazing story arc. so just remeber you might think your just using there stuff so its not original. but the way your putting the story feels like its all new to me.im 18 and i have been playing zelda since 1998 i was only 4 but i tried and tried to understand the puzzles and story and i loved it. there was always something new, something i didnt see coming. thats your zelda series. im like o great deku tree is getting cursed i know whats coming next Bam completly diffrent direction. i was enjoying this from start to finish and i hope you had as much fun making it as i did watching it. sorry this is so long just to wrap up my point. - i loved this and think its the smartes an coolist animation of loz ive ever seen and i think your extremely creative for this its well done its got tons of plot twists and it always left me wanting more, so dont give up on this because you think its a failure or not enough yours. do what you wish because its up to you and i will respect your wishes regardless but please, dont think of this as a failure. this was a great begining and it can be a great story as well as long as you keep coming up with cool ideas and have a great imagination. congrats and have a good one <(^^)> <(^^<) (>^^)>********** and here danceing kirby forgot to give you 10 stars :3

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ITS MIDNA!!!!!!!!!!!

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how do we have to wait

do more of it

I know that you think you would not get anywhere whit that master piece don't see problems see challenges please

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Aug 21, 2009
5:12 AM EDT
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