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Weird Weird Dung Ramsey

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Hey, guys!

Recorderdude Here with my newest (AND oldest) submission.


That's right! This project started back in 2007 and was resumed in 2009. It was my FIRST flash!

Well...I sorta abandoned it in '07, then fixed it up this year.

Anyway: Things to know:

"weird weird dung ramsey" started out as being a weird-al-yankovicish parody of the song "bad bad leroy brown" THAt I WROTE but soon it became much more.

The graphics are all drawn in flash, except backgrounds, as I was new to flash in '07, and It gives the flash a certain feel of craziness by being so simple.


Dung Ramsey Facts:

WWDR stared in 2007 and was finished in '09

It started as a song I WROTE and became a flash.

The Graphics were simple because they were drawn in flash.

Some charachters may not be known:

Dung = The embodiment of human insanity

RG = Retarded Grandmom - A crazy old retarted lady who yells "Damn Birds!" and other dumb phrases

Spanish Flea = crazy flea. There was a song named after them.

Farmer = Has a farm.

Goats = They like to shit.


The Day Dung Ramsey came to town
The people ran away
'Cause his insanity
Caused a calamity
And no one wanted to stay
Oh, Dung sure was a weird one
That no one could deny
And Dungie never cared
That clothes he never weared
For goats was all he'd buy
He was
Weird, Weird, Dung Ramsey
The weirdest man you'll ever see
Dumber than old RG
And crazier than a Spanish flea
(End Chorus)
So Dungie went to the farmer
He said, "I have a deal for you"
I wanna buy some goats
So I can make them coats
The farmer says, "I want that too"
So farmer gives Dung all his goats
But he never gets his cash
So farmer grabs his gun
And when Dung thought he'd won
The farmer shot him in his ass
'Cause He's
Now Dung, after his injury
Had really gone insane
A fuel converter he bought
"Water-to-gas" he thought
In his twisted brain
Dung put it in his car, now
And he poured in some water, too
So Dung turned his car on
But soon his car was gone
For up that car had blew
And he's
Dung was angry at the world now
Decided to take over it
He sent his goats to fight
But all them goats weren't that bright
And all they did was shit
Dung was truly insane now
He stole a cow to ride
Dung says "out of my way"
Attention trucks didn't pay
And they ran over his backside
'Cause he is
There's no Dung Ramsey anymore
Dung Ramsey is dead
I hope this teaches you
Not to be a Dung too
And to ALWAYS use your head!
Or you'll be (CHORUS)
Weird, Weird, Dung Ramsey

Enjoy, Guys!

-Recorderdude - Thomas Hart Jr.

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hey recorder guy.

i love all your work. could you do me a favor and respond. it would really make me happy. also you have one heck of a long dsription

RecD responds:

yeah, the description IS kinda long...but it had to be, otherwise the flash wouldn't have made as much sense.

I'm glad you like my work, mock! Production on new flashes and remixes might be a bit slower now (since I'm going back to school) but they will still be made.

so watch out for new stuff!



Im giving you 7 for your efforts. The song was better then I expected, because when I saw the drawing in the beginning (of the house) I said out loud "Uh-oh"
But you were certainly creative with your song and did a good job with it . The animation however was not as great. They were as simple ... as well .. simple can be . Maybe you could work on your flash a bit better? Or you could even pair up with an animator and write songs for him/her and you could really get somewhere on newgrounds. Well I hope I gave you something to think about and I hope to see what you come up with next. If u=you have any questions or need any help with anything feel free to message me .

Good Job,

RecD responds:

Well, like I said, this was mostly made 2 years ago.

I do like animating myself, and this was part of my animating history, so I put it up!

expect much better in later submissions.

If you liked the song, it's in the audio portal.