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Tanaka's Friendly Adv.

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Author Comments

Something of a mix between Passage and Polkadot, Tanaka's Friendly Adventure is a charming little exploration game that involves gathering a group of friends to attend the titular character's birthday party celebration. There's no time limit to rush you into doing anything, and the adventure can be replayed as many times as you want. You can also visit your friends in a special section accessible via the main menu.

The game is designed by bento_smile (bentosmile.com).
Ported to flash by mirosurabu in collaboration with bento_smile (pqgames.exofire.net)


Cute, & Addicting!

This game is really fun to play and has cute friends in it. I loved going to party and looking at all the different kind's of friends/creatures i guess lol^.^ Personally my favorite was Trois(: That was like the flirt and it was just so frickin cute lmao!!

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Much like the other bentosmile games, this particular one has a deeper meaning. It's in the cutesy, repetitive music that if you listen to for a while becomes a dull drone, and it's in all these 'friends' decked out for you to see, complete with their quirky descriptions.
I think the game is saying that more often than not, having lots of friends isn't really that great. It's better to have a small, intimate circle than a large crowd of nobodies and strangers.
If you look at little Tanaka's 'friends' they're all blue-ish blobs or figures. No substance or depth, and same with the background. That can just be the style of the game, but I think it has a double meaning. Tanaka doesn't really know these 'friends.' They have cute and funny descriptions but that's it. It's all rather fake and superficial. But still people go 'awww its so cute' and they play this game for the quirky cuteness and to see all Tanaka's funny weird friends and read their short and bland descriptions. It sadly reflects what some think, that if they 'know' large groups of people they would be satisfied, because it means popularity for them.
It's like walking down a long road lined with different people. As you walk down you quickly tick off each person you pass. "He's the rich guy with a pool, she's the smart one, he's the football jock, he's the one who likes to read, she's the pretty one," etc., etc. You don't really know each person that well, just what skims the surface, but that for you is enough because you 'know' lots of people and they all 'know' you too which means, congrats, you're popular. You can invite all these nobodies to your party to satisfy your own empty ego.
Well, I think I'm overthinking. Some just want to enjoy this game for its cute simplicity and really that's great too. I just think it's important to know the (possible) underlying message.
Good game, though. Sorry for that wall of text :)

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cute :D

a super sweet game but i think it needs a little more to it. It gets a little bit repetitive after awhile.


Is this supposed to show the pointlessness of all those games where you can unlock various pointless stuff while wasting your time?

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Has potential

It would be nice, but there are some problems:

1) It takes too long to look through all your friends! Because you have to walk by the empty ones and don't have a way to show you where the new ones are.

2) It's easy to get lost in the woods! Needs some landmarks at least (not just the people...) to remember the directions more easily.

Other than those problems, it was fun. I liked the characters, didn't keep playing due to above issues.

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Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2009
6:46 AM EDT
Adventure - Other

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