Pirate Golf Adventure

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rotten skull 25 Points

pass the game using not more than 75 shots

wooden leg 25 Points

complete the game

captains hat 50 Points

pass the game using not more than 35 shots

explorer medal 50 Points

find secret room

medal of mercy 50 Points

get to the girl without hurting the crocodile

rusty saber 50 Points

pass the game using not more than 50 shots

treasure medal 50 Points

collect all coins

golden anchor 100 Points

pass the game using not more than 25 shots

top score 100 Points

earn more than 250000

Author Comments

About: A story-driven 2D sidescrolling golf pirate adventure skill game.


Sorry, the game doesn't tell you during your first play: You MUST NOT RESTART a hole in order to get a medal for you shooting count!

- Didn't you get a medal for your newgrounds account that you earned in the game?

It sometimes happens that the game looses connection to newgrounds while playing, so I resubmit all your medals to NG every time you load the page and start a round afterwards... SO JUST RELOAD THE PAGE, START A ROUD, RELOAD PAGE AGAIN. YOUR MEDALS SHOULD BE AT NEWGROUNDS SOON ;) (I needed to reload twice, but it worked...)

Hi there, I'm really happy to put the game on newgrounds!

Pirate Golf Adventure is a story-driven 2D sidescrolling golf pirate adventure skill game. Pass the golf ball through eight holes and help the shipwrecked pirate Caribo to escape from the island!

It's the first game I did so please don't be too hard with your ratings ;).

I know, the game is a little short (the levels took like forever to create...), but I hope it gives you a little casual fun for some minutes :)

- Aim with mouse.
- Shoot ball by clicking and holding.
- Look around using WASD or arrow keys.
- ESC: pause menu

Thanks a lot to Mike and Tom for your great help with the API!

Now I hope you enjoy the game :)

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real fun game great ideas!!

Smooth game

Well this was a pretty smooth game the hitting of the ball was a bit cloky but maybe that was the intent you actually did make this game a little hard but notbad of a game kinda fun and entertaining ofcourse, art is smooth and nice to look at so nice job here.

Controls could be smoother


It's annoying that your true shot strength is inverse with how fast the ball is currently moving. Should be consistent at all times if you want to let players shoot mid-air etc... Not being able to pause the game while waiting for the ball to respawn is also annoying and makes no sense.

Golden Anchor guide

Pause Game -> Restart Course -> Yes
(any time you get more than acceptable amount)

1 -- can be done in 1 (but tricky), accept no more than 2
2 -- accept nothing other than 1
3 -- can be done in 2, accept no more than 3
You'll want to shoot it hard, barely graze the top of the rock, and somehow have the rock open the board just as you're slowing down to perfectly set up your second shot (you should be in the cave for your second shot, not with the rock)
4 -- can be done in 2 and accept nothing more
5 -- can be done in 2, accept no more than 3
You'll want to knock over the tree on your first shot
6 -- can be done in 3, accept no more than 4 or at the very most 5
7 -- accept no more than 3 getting on the windmill, then ride that. Accept no more than 6 total. I did it in 5. Can probably be done in 4. (2 to get on the windmill, 2 to get in the goal after riding the windmill). Maybe by some miracle someone can manage 3?
8 -- can be done in 3. Count up whatever you have remaining to tell how much "wiggle room" you have. Remember you need 25 or fewer total. Not that hard to do in 3 though.

Looks like the very best score that can be made is 18 (possibly even 17?)

Should give you a bit of "wiggle room" even if you do worse than best (as long as within acceptable) you should end up with 24 or 25. Hole 7 in particular may take more shots than you'd like. Or hole 6.

If the game doesnt load, then 0 stars. sorry

headjump responds:

Please try again, hope it's fixed :)

Doesn't load.

headjump responds:

Please try again, I hope it's fixed :)

Credits & Info

3.81 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2009
4:35 AM EDT
Sports - Golf