The Meaning of Existence

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This is a philisophical and spiritual explanation of the meaning of existence. Issues addressed in this flash is why there is so much hate and intolerance in the world, why we fear emotional pain over physical pain, and why Vin Diesel keeps getting work. I hope you enjoy!

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Needs more work.

My only problem with this is that the whole "Random image pop-up" theme is a bit outdated. You should put more effort into worth-while flashes. Seeing this really makes me wonder why you bothered making it at all.

You actually had the nerve...

...to put a "Replay" option! LoL! :-) I'm going to assume I just don't get the humor in this joke. But as long as it means something to you, I have no complaints about it. :-)

ArmadilloPillow responds:

The replay was added as a sort of irony because there are no replays in life.

what you where reaching for?

was some kind of metephor for the exsistance of man. ummm weelll your mind in the ways of philosophy isnt very logical. try a more basic approch instead of random images where people with think this is stupid!

ArmadilloPillow responds:

lol... just a joke ppl. Don't take the whole philosophy thing seriously.

I saw the light!

This flash blew me away spiritually... like i get it now, it made sense, my vision is clearer now....

but halfway through it i wanted to press fast forward... dunno why

ArmadilloPillow responds:

Amen brother! The flash was created so the viewer would want to fast forward halfway through it... it's part of the philosophy. In life, we all wish we could fast forward parts of our lives, but the harsh reality is that we cannot.

guess what?!!?

this is also why the earth is round!!!

ArmadilloPillow responds:

Yes, you're right! It seems you understand the complexities of this philosophy almost as well as I do. Our own existence intercedes reality in order to coexist with one another despite our incongruent differences. This creates an impenetrable bond between each of us, spreading through all of mankind and returning back to us like a giant circle. That is why the Earth is round. Man, I'm so glad you caught that!

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Aug 19, 2009
11:48 PM EDT