Stick&Ball Animation Test

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Just a short movie I made one night.
I started just by making a kick, then a few punches and before I knew it I couldn't stop.
It's all frame-by-frame animation, no tweens used!
I obviously focused more on making the actual animation smooth rather than making detailed graphics.


6/10 cuz i cant even do better

i think it was pretty good, im trying out flash, yet i dont have the patience to actually do something as simple as this, im so caught up into making the best thing that i cant take the small steps
Anyways i think it was good, something we can work off, good luck in the future i think this was a 6

It was ok

Predictable and not really serious work... though stick fight is always fun to watch...

remember me

good funny lol when will the full movie come out?


I think this is really well done, all those people who rip off on you couldn't even make a pixel change colour (if they even know what a pizel is -_-) and I think that it was a great job even hough it isn't the best thing on the world, it is still cool and i laughed my ass off hen the ball flew in his nuts XD wonder who threw it back :P
so here are some nice point boosting stars and a 5/5 rating :D

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Very nice

This flash deserves a much higher score. I can't believe it's at 1.47. Movies with that score are usually pasted pictures moving around the screen with crappy music playing and stupid phrases flashing. At least this one has real animation and not just motion tweening. I'll boost your score a little bit.

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1.71 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2009
3:14 PM EDT
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