Bagelopolis Short 1

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If one were ever to meet Jon Wonton, one would be advised not to make eye contact. The short-tempered chinese man considers his little restaurant his own little slice of heaven, and he doesn't like people intruding. No one told Pancake Man, the poor soul. The poor evil soul.

This is another flash movie I made for school, and I learned something with this one: I need to find myself an animator. I know this isn't pretty, so please just bare with me. Everything except for the birds-eye view of the building was done in a twenty-four-hour period, due to authority figures being unable to communicate with anyone ever. Still, I've recieved mostly good responses from this; you guys understand.

The character Jon Wonton started off as an inside joke referring to the ridiculous prices that convenience stores charge for food items. Sam started going off with this accent about it, and I saw a potential character coming from it. A few weeks later, we had Jon Wonton.

The script is what I'm really proud of here. I sat down and wrote it instead of making a webpage one day in class, and Sam loved it. We went and did recording the next day and the day after that.

Anywho, this isn't meant to be racist in any way. If you watch this and do find this racist... Well, that sounds like a personal problem.


Oh Man...

Great Voice, get writing, I really just can't get enough. I'm weirdly attractive to your videos, I love your random styled humour, ahh, it makes me so happy.


That actually made me laugh pretty damn hard.

Loy6 responds:

Well sir, you have made my day, and I have succeeded in my mission. Thank you muchly.

oh man

this was priceless. only problem is the audio was mono and coming out of the left side constantly. otherwise, good job.

Loy6 responds:

For some reason all my flash movies tend to be louder in the left ear than the right. I'll try to find the problem and re-upload this. And it IS in stereo.

I'm glad you found it priceless, though. Thanks!


its pretty funny considering the sick art

simple animation

Simple animation.... But you made it funny! Good job. Work on the animation and brush up on your Chinese accent! :P Good flash bro. =)

Loy6 responds:

Thanks man! I'm glad you liked it.

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Aug 19, 2009
3:13 AM EDT
Comedy - Original