Pacman 3

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Thanks for the Front Page Newgrounds! Its my first time ever up there.

Pacman is back! This movie is the third in my series of Pacman parodies, comprising of Pacman: Fatman, and its sequel Pacman 2: Paczilla, (a Drug PSA spoof.) However, you don't have to worry about seeing those two first. In fact, I suggest you don't, as they were both made in 2007, and look very bad compared to my more recent standards.

I've been meaning to do a sequel for while now; I came up with a few ideas in 2008, but never got around to doing it. Finally, I came up with a story and stuck with it. I'm not sure exactly when I came up with it, but there is a post on my profile saying that I had started work on it, and the date it was written was coincidently exactly the same date as today, only one year ago. So I'd say it's taken me about a year.

The story involves Pacman wondering around, eating pills and generally being fat, until he comes across an ultimate power... What could it be?

Technical Specs:

Runtime (including Easter Egg): 4 Minutes 21 Seconds
Size: 2.74 MB (2,882,437 bytes)
Frames: 4588
Tweens: None
Optimized: Yes
Frame Rate: 18
Library Items: 87

So get out your popcorn and hold tight, 'cause you're in for a wild ride... Enjoy!


It was alright.....

The animation was pretty good, and the comic elements were all there...but the long fade-to-black then fade-from-black transitions between EVERY camera angle change really interrupted the timing and flow of the animation. It made the story drag on a bit, and some of the jokes fell flat because there was too much transition time.

But I liked the Akira-esque macrophage assimilation of the ghosts. Gross.

A rayman2 rayman!

That pacman just ate Rayman too! shame urself!

ugggh, too much fading out for scenes

can't even watch it after the ghosts got swallowed. SO ANNOYING that it fades out to a new scene with barely any story every 2 seconds or so. it was fine for a little while, if you had used it only in certain parts it would work wonderfully well.

as it is, it didn't let me focus on the flash at all. before that, i liked the animation and blending of the classic pacman and your version and the story was fine.

not bad

but not super funny neither.
at least I realised how hungry the original pac-man programmers were. poor guys, videogame market wasnt paying much in these days :-(

Pacman comes to life

A funny exploration into the world of Pacman. The sheer doe-eyed horror on those poor ghosts' faces was hilarious, and the surprise ending of course couldn't have been better or more desired. I didn't have a problem with the silence--understatement and subtlety is preferable to most of the obvious nonsense that some of your reviewers seem to crave. In fact understatement is indispensable to both the humor and the parody. Great work. 4/5

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3.84 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2009
4:52 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody