Talking with Edward Elric

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To my friend Hana! As a result some of you might not like it, but I decided to share it none the less.
What I was going for was an overly-dramatic, mind-numbingly CHEEZY first scene, like those ones in real anime. Then it all goes downhill from there LOL!
(BTW Ed and Hana KNOW EACH OTHER before this haha, her and I have a little story so they don't just randomly hook up.)

I think it's worth watching, and it has a funny ending. The girl with Alphonse at the end is me, Krista.
I don't care what people think about 'fan pairings' because come on, this was all for fun and I hope you enjoy!

Don't you hate it when friends ruin a very romantic, but very CHEESY moment? XD

I learned a lot with this flash, such as tinting layers etc.



Great anime, and yes i DO hate when my freinds interupt a ROMANTIC MOMENT!!!:3

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lolz ending
''i want to live,i want to live!''
XD love that part :P

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lol wow

i gotta admit that was pretty funny but im seeing a recurring problem in your animation. its too damn slow. to the point where it doesnt seem natural. you have to make it fluid or else the whole thing is completly ruined. like this was.


Fullmetal alchemist is such an serious anime with dark themes like death, losing loved ones, Sacrificing everything for the good of others and so on.

Ed is really a pain feeling character ,not caring for himself but feeling constant quilt and the need to repay everything "his done" even if it costs him his life. Its like his doing good things just so he wouldnt feel so bad about himself.

Thats what makes the whole anime so interesting to watch and makes you care whats happens to the characters.

I love it!

I really like these cute flashes you make, the characters are always adorable. Hope to see more!

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3.67 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2009
10:42 AM EDT
Comedy - Original