Talking with Edward Elric

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To my friend Hana! As a result some of you might not like it, but I decided to share it none the less.
What I was going for was an overly-dramatic, mind-numbingly CHEEZY first scene, like those ones in real anime. Then it all goes downhill from there LOL!
(BTW Ed and Hana KNOW EACH OTHER before this haha, her and I have a little story so they don't just randomly hook up.)

I think it's worth watching, and it has a funny ending. The girl with Alphonse at the end is me, Krista.
I don't care what people think about 'fan pairings' because come on, this was all for fun and I hope you enjoy!

Don't you hate it when friends ruin a very romantic, but very CHEESY moment? XD

I learned a lot with this flash, such as tinting layers etc.


I liked it.

Amazing potential, I hope to see more from you.

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i liked it for some reason

it was really welll drawn and nicely animated, but i didn't really get it but that's all right i guess

LovelyKouga responds:

That's fine and I understand, as it was made for a friend. Thanks for being honest. :)

good graphics, bad story

Good graphics, bad story. Not really funny nor surprising, the story (BOY MEETS GIRL) has been done a looooooooooot of times. Also, interesting how little time it takes to turn from stranger to lover... or at least kiss-able person. But okay, enough of the story, I think you know that wasn't the strong point.

Graphical style is quiet nice and clean, I recommend you stick to that style and maybe keep the picture a bit more in motion/action in the future if necessary. I liked the change to chibi-style. Strongest point of your entry and giving you the most points.

Sounds are "basic". No sound effects however (but they might be taken out during the calm music for artistic effect) and the voices were... bad? Sorry, didn't sound very in-situation or anything.

Also, after the squeak, how about immediately showing the unwanted guests for an even more surprising moment?

Compared to the really great entries on NG, this isn't more than 5 points. But keep on making flash movies, you're on a very good train. :)

LovelyKouga responds:

LOL your comment makes me laugh because maybe you didn't read the creators comment? XD It was SUPPOSED to be as cheesy and cliche as possible, so I'm actually rather pleased it got this reaction out of you. XD Also I know you can't really tell, but when it fades out to white when Edward sits down, it's supposed to be a time-skip of a few hours of talking. :)

I agree, too much tweening and not enough frame-by-frame animation. Thanks I'll try harder next time! :D

Yes during the music, no effects at all...but there was the camera sound and record scratch later on after the music stopped. OKAY I am going to do that before I submit this to DeviantART, I think it really WILL look better than the plai white. Thank you! :)


Lip sync is amazing, and you animated each action really well :D


i love anything fullmetal alchemist. i miss watching that show late at night on the adult swim:{

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3.67 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2009
10:42 AM EDT
Comedy - Original