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Thief - Rents Due TEASER

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this is my abrupt crappy little trailer for my upcomming cartoon. i have animated 2 mintues so far. i didnt realy try very hard to make this trailer so i dont care if every1 hates it lol, just wanna see if people are at all interested in it.]
edit: whoops i forgot to mention this is based of the popular game series, THIEF

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I've seen the full version on Stickpage

And it is great. excellent although not perfect animation, interesting story, and decent voice actors, which is always nice.

Can't wait!

Hey Albi,

I've been watching you make this flash in the forums since almost the beginning but haven't made an account there. I can't wait until you release it!

All the best,


Love the thief games. Looking forward to seeing this.

Manfreak responds:

finally someone who knows the thief games :D


I could work for a game like that,the trailer was very intriging and cool,i voted 9 because it was too short and you see that guy for only a second...Very good work!!!


I'm interested. It's definitely a VERY short trailer, but you managed to get me intrigued.