CT - Crisis of Time

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(My first ever flash!! so don't be expecting fantastic animation :P

NOTE: HAHA I pick the best day to upload, the same day as Toss the Turtle :) if it weren't for that I'd have at least a daily 4th!! guess this is only for we chrono fans :)

Join Crono in the Crisis of Time!! This is a 100% hand drawn flash and I mean 100% this will stand out from most of the chrono trigger submissions on here. Kk thanks to everyone who made this possible for me to finish this flash! First big thanks to Tom for increased upload limit. I put a heck of a lot of effort into this so say your mind. Guys if you really like this chrono adaption please spread the word about.

(Please read before Watching)

The scenerio in Crisis of Time is that Ozzy has stolen the gatekey from crono and crew and is causing havoc in the year 600AD, Ozzy has sent slash to stop crono and co with a army of proto robots from the future. Come join and check this two part series, this being the first. One thing this movie features is extreme violence, no excesses of blood or anything just.. Swords slicing, Robots Ripping, Explosions after Explosions all that stuff :) please try not to pause, or do unesserary stuff on it I used a heck of lot of movie clips :)

I'm really sorry bout the subs, really I had better subs before but unluckly my FLA file corrupted :( and had to start from scratch. The reason my subs keep changing colour is the current corrisponding luminance it is sitting on. Like when the background colour is mainly white then subs change black, and for the oposite and so on. I decided not to give the characters voices as it will spoil the classic essence of chrono trigger :) can you imagine the frog speaking? so prehaps the major problem is the dialogue, really I think hearing voices is better! but for this it just wouldn't work in my opinion.

And one more thing give it a rating! and comment!
If this one succeeds then I'll finish part 2 which, vastly improved dialogue and voice overs :)

I'm afraid there is a high amount of refrences to DBZ.. so if you hate Z, you won't like this I guess :P

Flash Duration - 10 mins (Note: I suggest you put your volume to 40% you might go deaf after this :P



good flash animation and you really put your effort on it great job

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Tyrant-D responds:

yeah thanks looks like you loved it, you gave me the benefit of doubt due to how much effort I put into this, but I'm afraid theres more that think this is simply not up to standards :(

A damn good CT movie... howeva...

From the pov of a long time CT fan, I liked the idea of this movie, but there are a ton of holes in the plot where I just can't put my finger on.

1) Ozzie, Flea and Slash did work alongside Magus, yes, however the good guys weren't in possession of Epoch until after you fight Magus in his castle. After that, Magus ends up separated from the three. One of two things happens then, either Magus joins the party and aids in destroying them, or Glenn ends up defeating Magus for good. Why are they together again?

2) I KNOW I'm nitpicking with this, but Frog Splash is a HP based attack. If Glenn is never hit during the entire movie, then the attack won't do a bit of damage, much less squash a ton of robots. Just sayin...

3) Ozzie can't time travel. Ozzie has stolen the Gate Key, but the CT crew must use Epoch to travel to 600 A.D., which means Ozzie had to have been elsewhere to get ahold of it... how's -that- work?

Now, don't get me wrong, I think this flash was fantastic. The accuracy of the animation of Crono, Lucca and Glenn's magic attacks were amazing, especially in X-Slash and Delta Storm. There's a ton of other attacks that I'll be waiting anxiously to see.

Another thing you'll want to do is seriously proofread your work. No offense, but I was actually waiting for the next line in the movie to pick out the next typo or poorly written line. Have another person proofread/edit your text before printing it.

I definately liked it, but it has a lot of room for improvement. Good job!

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Tyrant-D responds:

yeah thanks for the sweet review, I was hoping this movie would be a one way team of support. But I was wrong it looks like its in a love or hate scenerio, I realized reviews focus on the plot and dialogue rather than the visuals. Really I made a big mistake posting as it is now, i knew it needed more work done on it. But what people here don't understand is when your doing all 100% of a 10 minute, 100% hand drawn adaption of a video game that came out more than a decade ago. They think its a easy job? I dont think so lol :P

Very awesome!

At first I was like: "Hmm.. a Chrono movie.. oh what the heck, let's check it out".

Then on the menu saying "non-sprite" I knew I was about to see something unique.

All I've got to say is, WOAH! This was really cool! I loved the DBZ references here and there. I loved the music you included, and the animation on some parts (like when they just exis the Epoch) are darn impressive!

It's awesome that you added double and even triple techs to the fight scenes.

Very good!

I'd give you a 10, but you get a point off for calling Square-Enix "wonderful" XD
Those "wonderful" people have been denying the Chrono fanbase for the last 7 years. They know the demand about the Chrono franchise, but anything they make related to the franchise are uninspired ports for full-budget prices.

Anyway, back to your movie. Keep it up! I'd love to see more stuff blow up, more double techs, more triple techs, and let's see how you handle a 3-on-3 battle, which my guess is, you'll do just fine. :)

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i will give you a 10 on the next part if you can take it to the next level and add some voice acting. that it the only thing stoping this from being on the greatest of all time list. good luck!

Tyrant-D responds:

thanks for comment, if you read my submission description it explains why I didn't add voice acting.

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