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Life with Navi

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*** EDIT *** Holy shit! Front page!? Thank yooouuuu!
*** EDIT *** Yay! Daily third! Thanks a ton NG!

Navi finally gets what she deserves...

Just a short animation I made for I collab I'm in on youtube. The collab itself probabley won't make it to NG since a lot of the animators don't use flash so I thought I could at least post my short on here.
I worked on this about four different nights over the past couple weeks. The idea isn't exactly original... but maybe it's still worth a laugh. Hope you guys like it!

*** EDIT *** The Collab this short was made for was released yesterday! Check it out here:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=l 7kklf-aTpU (make sure there are no spaces!)

Animated by Laura Kerger (ArtistGamerGal)
Written by Brickwall34 and ArtistGamerGal


What's with people?

How isn't this original? Sure people have done animations of where Navi was annoying; but none close to this. I love the Animation style, and the emotion in it as well. I did enjoy when she spazzed to a twig XD Never saw it coming. All right onto the review.

Style: LOVE the art style. It's cute, attractive, and overall fun to watch. The details in the scenery were great, the facial expressions on Link very well done, and Navi's spazness was done perfectly. I couldn't see any real flaws with your style, well done ^ ^

Writing: It was very well made. It's a completely original twist on the whole "Annoying Navi" scenereo. And i'll admit, when I saw the twig (As stated before) I spit my drink laughing XD But now that I think about it, when Link's eye twitched, it could've went on for a second longer. I felt it sort of rushed when he pulled the shotgun out, but easily forgiven, as you did state it was for a collab and time constraints could often affect the animation.

Sounds and Voices: All perfectly placed, i've not seen any sound too repetetive, overused, or out of place. Even Navi's "HEY! LISTEN!?" were well placed and seemed almost fitting for each part.

Replayability: Great! I watched it 4 times XD And plan on showing it to others. Very nice work here, and do indeed hope to see more work from you two in the future!

Overall 5/5 10/10 Very good!

Current Score: 4.10 / 5.00 (+ 0.00023)

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ArtistGamerGal responds:

Wow! Thank you so much! Great review! :)

The animation was decent, buuuut...

It's been done. A shotgun? Come on...


simple, shes an annoying fairy who deserves to be shot down & have her wings ripped off, SHE IS VERY ANNOYING 9/10 5/5

Nice but overdone.

It was a good animation on all fronts, but I've seen enough animations about Navi to make them almost as annoying as her.

But not quite yet, so I'll let you off.

Loved it

It was very short but it was very nice, and yes she deserved it.

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4.12 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2009
12:26 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody