Toss the Turtle

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Acupuncture 5 Points

Get skewered on spikes

Gold Star 5 Points

Launch the Turtle

Jump Man 5 Points

Smash a goomba

Novice 5 Points

Launch 1 mile (5,280ft)

Question Mark 5 Points

Find the hidden button

Amateur 10 Points

Launch 5 miles (26,400ft)

Drunk Driver 10 Points

Blow up a jeep

Harrasment 10 Points

Crush an angry ground creature

in Space 10 Points

Reach space

Strong Armed 10 Points

Get punched by a banana

Abducted 25 Points

Get caught by a UFO

Icarus 25 Points

Get burned by a sun

Persistent 25 Points

Play over an hour

Professional 25 Points

Launch 10 miles (52,800ft)

Radioactive 25 Points

Use a nuke

Addicted 50 Points

Play over 2 hours

Golden Shell 50 Points

Buy everything

Master 50 Points

Launch 25 miles (132,000ft)

Traveler 50 Points

Total over 1 million feet

WorldsEdge 100 Points

Launch 50 miles (264,000ft)

Author Comments

NEW Mobile version! Out now!

Toss the Turtle
Use cannons, bombs, and jetpacks to shoot your turtle as far as possible!
Collect cash to upgrade your equipment.
Click and hold to gain power, release to fire
Use the WASD keys to control the turtle in flight
Click with your mouse to shoot the turtle

Art by Gonzo
Programming by Foreverkul

Version 1.3.3NG Update
-patch for reaching 10million+ and misc tweaks

Interested in hosting this game? Contact me kul_dg[a]yahoo.com


Medal Get "Addictive"

That pretty much sums it up. Incredibly finished game that borrows so many things from other launch games and mashes them together in perfect harmony. An almost Flawless game except for one minor MINOR detail: The tree/hill background has a break in the graphics where it joins back together as it loops and you can see a gap straight down the middle of a mountain, but thats a flaw which is barely noticeable.

Please, PLEASE keep making more and more, incredible work :D

Btw, with rocket, tank, sniper, nuke, and the bomb that keeps you going after you stop i managed: 677058.5

Should be able to get higher than that.

Tip, Launch at approx 40 degrees, at full power of course, use the jet pack just as you start to come down from peak height, use the sniper as soon as he appears on the screen and shoot the rear of the turtle to propel him forwards a bit as well as upwards. Use the nuke once he no longer bounces out of viewing range. if all goes to plan, you should first hit the ground around 500,000 ft.

have fun

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AWESOME but...

this is a very fun an addicting game and im new(not to the website the signing up part) and one of the reasons i signed up was for medals and i got like 5 of them but it says i still have 0 from this game. I hope for this too be fixed and i know its not just me having this problem(look at the review below mine) any way i WOULD RECCOMEND THIS GAME FOR NEWGROUNDERS LOOKING FOR A GOOD TIME!!!

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I think people need to shut up about "this being taken from another game". Sure, there are PLENTY of games like it that came before. But you know what? Why don't I just go and claim that Halo isn't original by pointing out how similar it is to Quake or Doom? No point, because it's similar gameplay, but differences/enhancements.

This game is much like Bloody Pingu Throw, Kitten Cannon, Nanaca, etc. But you guys need to stop saying how "he stole the idea" because honestly, who can make a game today that is TOTALLY ORIGINAL? It's almost impossible. If you look, he drew all of it BY HIMSELF. Made upgradable items BY HIMSELF. and the coder coded it BY HIMSELF. It's not like they ripped apart the others and stole it all. It's all original except for the concept. Oh teh noes, he took a concept. Woopee doo. Watch a few sitcoms on TV and you'll see the exact same thing going on.

Sooo about the game. Regardless of how awesomely drawn it was, the gameplay suffers abit. I wait a few minutes after unloading the jet pack and gun on him, and he just flies forever. Of course, how do you make that fun with a game like this? You really can't. So it's alright. I won every award and played it all the way through. Intuitive, interesting, and sometimes exciting.

Another thing, the money issue. People complain about "how it takes tooo long to get" but it's actually really easy once you start slowly buying upgrades. I mean, what if it went fast? The game would end too soon. The point of getting upgrades is that it's supposed to be slow at first so you can keep playing for a while. THAT'S THE IDEA. I got all the upgrades no prob, just takes a little while to scrounge it up once you start, then it's super incredibly easy.

That's about it.

10/10 Art
10/10 Concept (Disregarding any similarities)
8/10 Sounds (They were generic and overused, but still cool)
6/10 Music (Got really dull after a while)
10/10 Gameplay (Very Addictive)

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Everything is awesome about this game.

I sat here for two hours playing this game and am not sick of playing it haha.

I have no life T.T

Best Score: 823398.1 feet
Tank, Top Guns, Missile, All Unlock-balls!, All Medals...
Favorite Weapon: AK-47 (because of ammo to power ratio)
Second Favorite: Sniper Rifle

Method of procedure: Sent Turtle 150 points in space, and then used missile to boost it's speed, shot it every time before it reached the ground (it's a useful glitch, doesn't slow the turtle down always multiplies it's speed)

Time Spent Playing: 3 hours and 30 minutes... x(

As for the game, it's been done before, but this is the first time I've really got hooked to it! Oh and why does the banana SHORYUKEN! you? that I don't get >.<

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Aug 17, 2009
10:46 AM EDT
Skill - Toss
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