SAS 2: Insane Asylum

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You are a member of the elite fighting unit, the SAS. You have training, weapons, speed and cunning. They are an army of the undead. They number more than 6000. You like those odds. Asylum is the next chapter in the SAS 2: Zombie Assault series. Featuring a huge new map, new and improved zombies, and loads of new weapons. New premium weapons include a flamethrower and a ghostbusters style proton cannon that will eradicate zombies better than ever! This is an expansion game to SAS: Zombie Assault 2. If you've created a MochiGames account you'll be able to use all your previous MochiCoins purchases in both games.

Remember, this game is free. You can have a full and fun gaming experience without using the mochicoins system.



This is a great game!

but to save you troble on leveling up I realy recamend making an acomt on moshi games caoz theres no way you'll make it to majer others ways, Tip when you have anuf money, set up a turret area this will be your fall out position, as zombies don't attak turrets you'll then have a nerly safe area, as long as you reload them ever once and a while, add more turrets in the entrace to your safe area and that will slow down the zombies coming in also, this will help when you get to a high enuf wave that you get these red zombies that bring dead zombies to life, they've killed me before for sher...

good game but

was it REALY nessasary that you have to buy saves aka[starting over were u died] but great game anyways

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actually good

but i gave it no stars as i have to pay REAL money to continue as the only way of earning mochi coins is buying them with real money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A game of Epic porportions

I agree with QueenofLight the atmosphere is creppy....it's just like they're pulling you in the game and saying "Hey,let's see how long you can survive this."

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A great Game

10 for sure. The graphics are great. The atmosphere is creepy. The whole concept is executed well. Sure there are extra features you can CHOOSE to pay for, but most times I didn't feel it was necessary. I totally understand wanting to get money from your games, and if you can make a living doing what you love, more power to you :D

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4.37 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2009
12:30 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun