Space Noodles - Pilot

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I've been teaching myself flash as I've been working on this piece so I know it's a bit rough around the edges especially in the sound department. There's so much I could go back and change but I'd just never end up submitting it for another 6 months so hopefully there's something to enjoy in it's current state cause I can't wait to move on to other flash projects that I've had in mind:)

Hope everything runs smoothly enough:) If not maybe it's best to bump it back down to medium quality. Enjoy...


EDIT: Thanks Tom for the front page:)


Can't really see this on the front page.

It wasn't funny, and I was expecting it to be appropriate, the lip syncing and voice acting was terrible. The animation lagged at a few key points. And your style is a bit stupid at parts (Like how Red walked to the ship). But there was effort none the less.

cronobreaker responds:

Sorry you found it terrible, it's my first animation and i'm still currently learning so many aspects of the program.

Something seems familiar about this...

Bite my shiney metal ass! ^_^ Lol.

lovin it

i loves the style, the bazillion characters, color palette. for this to be an early piece its really good. a lot of people have a hard time making an animation this long because of reasons you probably already know about. i guess i cant say too much more than what others have said. just keep working on making the animation more smooth, was a little rough but WAY better than the good majority of other peoples first attempts on here. great job

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Cool Story Bro!

@@@@- Youre Wasting your great clean style!!!! @@@

Man your style is neat and cool, but you should bother more on learning animation, to move things in flash only needs one afternoon tutorial.

I think your projects would really be otstanding if you work with more people. You should talk to someone to animate your cool characters, and somebody to prepare fast narrative, and funny scripts for this. Your style may look pro, but the rest was really crap.

So its not a destructive review, but man youre wasting your graphic work with poor animation and scritp, wich many artists you may have near or here in NG would be reluctant to do for your projects.

If youre not a GENIOUS TOTAL ARTIST (you may be in some years but not now) give a chance to those who dont know to draw and let them make your animations 10/10.

(Someone helping with the Script may be good enought to maintain the esence of the original ideas of your next projects, and achieve the best of you)

We'll be expecting great incoming projects from now on!

cronobreaker responds:

Thanks for the input. I think i'll have someone help me with scripting in the future, but apart from that, i'm pretty determined to work on animation/designs myself since it's hard to find time to collab while working a full time job unfortunatley:(

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4.08 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2009
5:43 AM EDT
Comedy - Original