Space Noodles - Pilot

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I've been teaching myself flash as I've been working on this piece so I know it's a bit rough around the edges especially in the sound department. There's so much I could go back and change but I'd just never end up submitting it for another 6 months so hopefully there's something to enjoy in it's current state cause I can't wait to move on to other flash projects that I've had in mind:)

Hope everything runs smoothly enough:) If not maybe it's best to bump it back down to medium quality. Enjoy...


EDIT: Thanks Tom for the front page:)


cheap running

but the other parts were sorta funny

Your getting there...

What was good: I loved the character design and the colors you used. They were all very clean looking and were interesting enough to keep my attention. Also, the backgrounds were pretty much amazing. Kudos to you on that.

That being said...

What needs work: You have the basics of animation down. Which is good. But I would recommend developing your animation skills a little more. I would have loved to see his knees actually bend when he walks. Also the animation pace was a tad slow. Voice acting could have been a bit better. I felt like there were a few instances where they paused a bit too long when talking to each other.

Other then that, this is a solid animation. Keep developing your skills and make something great. :)

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This could use more motion tweens.

On a serious note work on your voice acting a bit, and give your characters more emotion.
The whole thing felt so dry because of it.

Other than that, it looked very nice and the story is okay.
Just work on giving your characters more emotion both in voice and look, and it'll be really great.

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i'd say work on your pacing and writing. the graphics were gorgeous for the most part but the eye candy was the only reason i was pulled in. The whole thing felt somewhat slow and drawn out, and there were a few syncing problems in places too. most of the lines felt very flat and uninspired, like the characters didnt care what was happening to them at all.

For some reason this strikes me as something that would work better as a comic, but keep animating cos there's a lot of potential here. loved, LOVED the designs and backgrounds btw

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This really wasnt that great. It was not drawn out to well and I wish you had given the main character knee caps because he walks like he has prosthetic legs. The voicing was really fuzzy and the comedy was kinda lame. But nice try, just please dont make anymore :)

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4.08 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2009
5:43 AM EDT
Comedy - Original