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..abandoned utopia..

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9/17/2012 *UPDATE* - #10 all-time, broads:
http://www.newgrounds.com / dump/item/d6635382b5f7c11 cccc830e11ef754e7

8/18/2012 *UPDATE* - #12 all-time, skanklets:
http://www.newgrounds.com / dump/item/ 13f074e574db323cdebb7b65e b62a087

Just something I whipped up in my spare time..

based off of an ollllllllllllllld wallpaper I had back in the day.
lol, windows 95


I hear that "Division Bell"

Don't worry buddy, I won't tell. ;)

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Punisher responds:

don't ask don't tell?
not that there's anything wrong with that.


But there should be something more to this.

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Punisher responds:

no, there shouldn't.

it is a minimalist flash.

It was a nice picture

I guess you were nine minutes late, because Clock Day was on the 15th. Anyway, I did not see what this had to do with the Clock Crew much, as I do not think it did have anything to do with them. I mean, it is a really nice wallpaper. It just does not work well because it is a submission that is nothing but a single screen and some nice music. Oh wait, there is some rain falling. It just seems like this could work out to really be something cool and artsy, you just need to make it longer with a plot.

Punisher responds:


also, you are wrong. This is perfect as it is, and is exactly what it needs to be.

(title in work)

This was a pretty unique submission. It wasn't much in terms of content, but it was pretty neat to look at, and the added animations and sound effects that really made this interesting to look at. The title of this is very interesting as well. Doesn't look like you put in the right dimensions when you submitted this though, seeing as there are two white lines at the bottom and top.

Punisher responds:

Yea.. not sure what the right dimensions are, as it's meant for a large display

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4.40 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2009
12:09 AM EDT