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BoltClock: Origins Part 1

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[EDIT 8/16/2010]: I'm so anal about typos that I've just uploaded a fix for one. No more updates for real!

[EDIT 8/15/2010]: the BeanClock part of my story is now covered in Part 2. Watch it now!

[EDIT 8/17]: This movie has seen a few updates, but this is a major, and the final, one so I'll write about it. Icon changed, description rewritten, n00b-l0s3r no longer co-authored, and of course some little modifications to the Flash movie itself. I hope you enjoyed Clock Day 2009.

Happy Clock Day 2009!

I'm so very sorry that this took so long, but unfortunately I had a lot of things going on the week before Clock Day. I know that isn't all too great an excuse, but I, BoltClock, have inadvertently stumbled upon this thing called life, and I'm unsure what to do with it except to just live.

I lost all of my Flash back in February this year. It's too tragic to explain, but anyway, this movie signifies my comeback to Flash animation. I last made a serious, full-length submission in Clockmas 2006!

And what better way to make a return to the Portal than with a series telling a story of how I came to be!

This first part is very short because I only made it in a few hours, but I hope you'll enjoy it :)

Some more background info, just FYI: actually, the first Clock name I had in 2003 was NOT BoltClock, rather it was BeanClock. More than a year later I decided to change it to BoltClock instead, and only ever formally joined the Clock Crew as that. Whatever the reason for the change was, thank God I did anyway. I left out the BeanClock part to simplify things for non-Clocks.

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Please, you need to fix your audio my friend... Im pretty sure I missed a lot of audio... also... the acting is.... err.... bad... The animation needs a lot of work, I don't understand anything in the plot or story... and its just pissing me off the more I try to give it a chance... I didn't finish the video, the drama was err... not at all dramatic... I thought this was a really bad comedy that just wasn't funny...
Sorry dude... maybe try animating something else? Id stop now and maybe focus on improving your animation skills, your audio, and never touching anything with a clock for a face ever again... please... not to insult or anything its just..... well..... dude were not 5 anymore... or 10... I know you can do better tha...err... whatever THIS is...

Very nice

I'd love to see more of this! And preferably before next year's Clock Day. =)


BoltClock responds:

Yes, the next part of Origins is coming, and no, it'll be ON Clock Day :/ I can promise you though, that it'll be much better than this crap.


Good graphics, the Speakonia voice was great, and the music was good. While more serious than most Clock Day submissions, at first at least, it was still very good.

Happy Clock Day!

~ Z

BoltClock responds:

Thank you for your review! This was extremely rushed, so I'm actually pretty surprised the graphics were anywhere near good :)