There might B time...

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It was really hard switching from Flash CS3 to Flash CS4, it took me to long to figure out. That meant a delay on my clock day movie that was halfway done... It was sad watching everything get good scores on clock day, it made it sadder that I couldn't join in. Then I got the best idea. Maybe I didn't have to finish it. After all it is clock day... as I saw the scores slowly lowering as the last hours past by, I was hurrying to submit my submission because There might be time...

Free save points anyone?

Edit: Heh, don't you get it?




someplaceelse responds:

:O thx

There might B time Review

For sure just about every flash artist can relate to this, seeing all the dead flash left to rot, progressing to a better time. I really wish this was built on more, but since I love the preloader and concept so much, you get a 10. Too bad I missed out on my free save point!

someplaceelse responds:

Thank you, and you can get a save point by voting five any time not just on clock days ;)

Clockday ;P

Hard to review clockday submissions fairly. But I think it was pretty good, especially for a clockday-submission. It's experimental, and it's not like all the other clockday submissions :)

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someplaceelse responds:

How come it is hard to review clock day submissions fairly? It only has a boost in the score; not the content.


You said this was gonna be the gayest thing ive ever seen. NO WAY! it was pure awesomeness

someplaceelse responds:

LOl, thanks; the gayest thing you will ever see description was for just in case everyone thought it was gay because I ripped them off! ^_^

Great job

Huge window, which can be a plus or minus. Good graphics and music. The scenes with the clock turning was great. I really like the style of this submission- the blue background was awesome, and as I said before, the music was perfect.

Happy Clock Day!

~ Z

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someplaceelse responds:

Thanks for the review! This means a lot to me, because I couldn't finnish my submission on time. The music was by none other than TheWeebl, so I'm not surprised you like the music.

Happy clock day to you too!

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3.40 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2009
11:49 PM EDT
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