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[TT] CD09 -thdrky-

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Aug 15, 2009 | 10:32 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Happy Clock Day from Touhou Team! m/Touhou_Team/

Following recent events on the Newgrounds BBS involving one "thdrkside", a user threatening to cancel Clock Day, Yukari Yakumo, Ran Yakumo, and Koishi Komeiji of the Touhou Team are proud to present their Flash masterpiece, thdrky! Please remember while watching that any off-color content is used for humorous purposes, not out of hate or prejudice. Enjoy.



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Touhou Team...

Please be so kind and do something related to Touhou rather than random spam. I understand it was Clock Day, but you'd think you could still do something Touhou-related. Thanks.

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YukariYakumo responds:

Like I said to B1gR3dC4t, we're considering making and submitting footage of a Yukkuri sports event. Or maybe we'll make something else, I don't know, but it'll be better than this.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

~ Review Request Club ~

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Did I catch the little black guy on the bottom right hand corner accidentally moving a couple of times? Such as a glitch and not an actual animation. Like he jumped from his position slightly a few times. Maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me.

Even though the slideshow type format that you used was done well it probably would have looked better if you had drawn the pictures yourself instead of using google pictures.

Some extra animation would be nice such as some movements in the character. Perhaps him walking around a bit, his eye blinking, digging through the trash that he was next to looking for food, etc..

Drawings could have been done a bit better. I know it was clock day and everything, but it probably would have looked a bit better if the drawings were done well. Some of the clock day flashes are very spam like, but have wonderful graphics.

~ Story/Content ~

I'll admit it right now that I'm very racist and this was no where near what I was hoping it was going to be. (That's up to you to figure out if that was a joke or not) Simply a black man that fit all of the stereo types instead of just some of them... hmm, sounds more like real life instead of an interesting story for a flash submission.

I almost felt like someone should have drove by in the background and shot him at the end of the story. It just seemed very fitting.

~ Audio ~

I wouldn't want any other type of voice on clock day. I think perhaps you could have used some subtitles though as the voices can be hard to understand every now and then. I also heard some static, but I wasn't sure if it was my computer itself or static in your sound.

~ Overall ~

What I would expect on Clock Day.. A bit more effort then I had on my two submissions that day.

~ Review Request Club ~

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YukariYakumo responds:

It was a lazy, quick, first attempt at Flash and a celebration of the day based on a shitty joke, and you understand that. Thank you for the review, and we'll make something better next time.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

(title in work)

Really this seemed like more of a barrage of black stereotypes and jokes rather than an insult to thedrkness. That really took away from the purpose of this movie for me. Overall very boring, since there was no animation at all, and the art wasn't good to begin with. Definitely could have used some more animations and scene changes.

Review Request Club.

YukariYakumo responds:

Yeah, I know. Since we started at 5PM Clock Day we really didn't have time to make anything better, but next time I'll make sure we start earlier.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Hard to understand

Speakonia is a good tool if used wisely and with care. In this flash it is very hard to understand what's being said. Subtitles would help, too I guess.

Also, sometimes the images jumped around on the screen, which looks pretty noobish. Okay, it's a clock day submission, but with very little effort all images can be set on the same exact spot on every frame, thus avoiding the "jumping around".

{ Review Request Club }

YukariYakumo responds:

Subtitles? If I use Speakonia again, I'll be sure to use them. And as for the jumping around, yes, it was lazy and "noobish". Ran and I had to figure out the whole Flash program, including Actionscript for buttons, in five hours, so next time it will be much better since we've had so much longer to work on our skills.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Needs some hard work

This is one of the usual pieces of flash that we see coming through on Clock Day - I can't really see how the file size is 1.3 meg - it sounds and looks like it should be a lot smaller.

I think that you need to start with the drawing aspect of this - perspective needs to be used with the road ever so slightly, for two reasons - It looks like the protagonist is standing on top of a hill, so some work behind the plane of the character, building and dustbin would certainly help. Secondly, if you make the road narrow ever so slightly, you'll give a much better look of the thing, as the parallel lines just seem to look out of place.

When it comes to the use of Speakonia, I'd certainly consider tweaking what you've got, as it's very difficult to understand what it being said - thanks for the flash cards, I guess. I'd consider adding some subtitles in a bar across the bottom of the screen (this will help your road issue as well ;) and do something with the images that you've liberally borrowed from Google Image Searches. Take them and cut out around the image, then you can do more with it, even animating them, rather than having a slide show as your only animation.

Perhaps you need more characters :P

[Review Request Club]

YukariYakumo responds:

Ran is working on the drawing, and I'm trying to improve my Speakonia skills. But unless I can find a good microphone, we're stuck with text-to-speech software for sound. Next time we'll actually have something interesting though, not just stereotypes and Google. Maybe some more characters too, who knows.