GT and the Evil Factory

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GT and the Evil Factory takes place in a factory where robots are enslaved by the cruel Lord Foreman to monotonous and grueling tasks. One day, a robot named GT decides its about time to start a revolution and destroy the wicked establishment of robotic slavery.

Controls (can be changed under options):
Z - Gun
X - Sword
C - Talk
Arrow Keys - Move
Space - Pause


Cant save...

I actually can't save in this game. (Maybe it's just my horrible computer)
I also can't collect Power Orbs, for some reason.
Still, if I use the right computer, I believe it'll work.

Good Game...

But, there are a few problems. Such as the difficulty level varying from easy to near impossible between levels. Also, there are the upgrades that can make the game to easy, and I can't figure out how to unlock the "impossible" difficulty, or win against the Foreman (I mean as in collecting all the orbs), nor can I figure out how or even if the door on the south side opens. But, the music was great, the graphics were good, and the endings were good, (Although the first one was possibly better) And, before I forget, there was a problem with the final battle text. After the first of the three main parts of the battle and before the second one, the third from last text box specifically, I'm positive that GT is supposed to be saying that line, not the Foreman. (And, by the way, did they forget to attach the upper section of the factory? I mean, seriously, why would the top of the factory fall off?)

Reminded me of Battle Network!

One of the best series ever btw. anyways, first of GT didnt look much like a cool hero though.... >_>
Have him break and make him rebuilt to like look cool lol.
But its pretty fun.

A purely awesome game.

A truly well-executed game, although it seemed a little easy. Maybe that was just me being really good at it, though. :) It seems to me like it was based off of the Megaman: Battle Network series for the GBA...? With the tile-based combat and such. Although that doesn't stop this game from being amazing.


A truly incredible game

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4.22 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2009
10:12 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other