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Well. I decided I wasn't going to NOT submit something on Clock Day this year. So I did.

I made this way back for Clock Day 2007, I think. I didn't finish until long after and I looked back at it today thinking, "It really wasn't bad. I should submit this." So after a few minor changes to the movie, I submitted it just now. It doesn't have an official Clock Day preloader but I hope it's accepted as a Clock Day 09 movie.

I can't remember what I was thinking when I made this, but I think it the basic concept was, if B was ever deleted from Newgrounds, the tragedy would be like a Clock-wide-equivalent to the calamity of the twin towers. Some 9-11 sort of thing. I think mostly I was just trying to capture the despair of the Clock Crew and see if an anti-clock would watch this and think differently about it.

I really don't know what I was thinking, buuut whatever.

Happy Clock Day everyone!


Weekly 12th isn't bad for Clock Week, I guess lol


Some good drama

This movie although very sad made a good point about the importance of B. The animation went along well with the extreme dram and the sad story and music. I liked how you were able to incorporate the lock legion into this video as well as it also added some extra quality. All I have to say that's bad about this movie is that it's pretty short.

Those horrendous,key-twisting,B-lamming monsters!

Let the B stand strong as the great origin of this all.**** YOU,0 VOTERS!

This flash, so emotional and sad, it was Beautiful

I feel sorry for those clocks who have died. In fact, I have faith in the clocks that I have met here, even the ones like Turdclock, RubeeClock, RedKidneyBeanClock, CrustClock, and the rest. And I don't think that the flash B should and will never be Blammed from this site ever. JonBro, with your creative mind and such, you have shown us what would have happened if B would never exist into this world. So, in other words, I think that this flash is so emotional and has a good message. It reminds me of what Octocat did. My God, thank you. Also...............
HAPPY CLOCKDAY JonBro! :D Long Live the Clock Crew and StrawberryClock and You too! :)

- JojoMon

JonBro responds:

Heh, I know it won't get blammed. I was just playing around with the idea of what would happen if it did.

Happy Clock Day to you too good sir!

Highly amusing.

I really thought the concept of this flash was creative, but you definately could not imagine what would happen if B went out of existence. I am impressed by your animation skills too, the scene when the Locks were on the airplane was very well made. You chose the perfect music for the flash too, it fit the mood extremely well. Definately one of my favorite Clock Day submissions this year.

The only thing I didn't like was how there was just movement in the end, I would have preferred more talking. I understand you were emphasising the sadness, but just showing Clocks crying made me somewhat lose interest. Aside from that, I thought this flash was entertaining and just short of perfect. have a great Clock Day and keep up the great work!

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Aug 15, 2009
7:25 PM EDT