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Well. I decided I wasn't going to NOT submit something on Clock Day this year. So I did.

I made this way back for Clock Day 2007, I think. I didn't finish until long after and I looked back at it today thinking, "It really wasn't bad. I should submit this." So after a few minor changes to the movie, I submitted it just now. It doesn't have an official Clock Day preloader but I hope it's accepted as a Clock Day 09 movie.

I can't remember what I was thinking when I made this, but I think it the basic concept was, if B was ever deleted from Newgrounds, the tragedy would be like a Clock-wide-equivalent to the calamity of the twin towers. Some 9-11 sort of thing. I think mostly I was just trying to capture the despair of the Clock Crew and see if an anti-clock would watch this and think differently about it.

I really don't know what I was thinking, buuut whatever.

Happy Clock Day everyone!


Weekly 12th isn't bad for Clock Week, I guess lol

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Let it b

This has okay animation with bland visuals. The worst thing about this is the goofyness of weird living clock objects and the text to speech, which kills the saddness. I loved the gag of the tissue box crying and it was quite creative.

If this was real, I suspect everybody would be sad. Anyway, nicely done and this was released on my father's birthday!

Story: 2/3 I don't know... what is clock day? Seems like you did it correctly...
Animation: 3/3 The ending screen was a little blank. But other then that, there were a lot of clocks. Even an orange clock! Wait... clock... orange... where am I going with this?
Music: 3/3 Very fitting for... this...
Extra: 1/1 HAPPY CLOCK DAY! Wait... it's not clock day... and I don't know what clock day is...