Clock of Strawberry

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Clock of Strawberry.

Happy Clockday.
The ClockCrew loves all.

EDIT: Thank you Fulps for frontpage ! I hope you enjoyed Clockday asmuch as I did !



Is that half life I'm hearing?
Well done anyhow, the apathic feel i get from this, how emotionally descriptive and persistant it is, is really amazing.

Absolutely Stunning

This animation was superbly creepy, with all the right imagery to make it feel eerie.
As well as the fantastic music choice, very few people seem to know about Ritcher's fantastic work.
You sir, have created a master piece. I love it

I bow to you, sir.

It is rare to see flashes with actual feeling in them and yours among the best for the way you use the images and send your messages. Well played, sir.

Hail ClockCrew!

sequel to cog of man?

i found this brilliant. you do a real great job at catching someones emotion. i also found the music to be great as well.

good stuff here!

PropagandaClock responds:

Your Newspost is purty, where is it from?

And yes, in a sense it is a sequal to Cog of man yet it is nothing of the sort.

lies upon lies upon propaganda.

i tried finding the original story to this, and the original story filled me with even more answers. then, i went to the original original story, which was just some kind of gears of war promo\spoof or something. so if i could place in a request: could you tell me, or tell everyone how this all began. like, a prequel. because now we're hooked, and we arent going to stop biting until the secret in the dark depth in the calm desolate waves is finally revealed among the surface. if you get my Drift.

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PropagandaClock responds:

It stopped before it began and began before it was.
Its been around the world. Its seen a million things. Its fought in countless wars, and dined with many kings.
Its fluent in every language. Its tasted each cuisine. Its stayed in every palace, and lived what people dream.
It was there when it began, and It knows when it will end. Its only enemy is man, yet you are still Its dearest friend.
It invented evolution. It gave you your first breath. It was there at your conception and It'll be there at the time of death.

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4.17 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2009
5:52 PM EDT