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Salutations! Clocks, clockfriends and fans alike! Today we present to you no less than the greatest samplings of artistic genius from our era. Flash-artists-of-the-mome nt BFK and 10JD demonstrate an experimental animation procedure in which they take turns every 5 seconds of the song, resulting in a collage effect and absolutely spectacular optical graphics. Coprophagous insects consume and redigest the feces of large animals. These feces contain substantial amounts of semi-digested food (herbivores' digestive systems are especially inefficient). The most notable feces-eating insect is the dung-beetle and the most ubiquitous is the fly. But stay tuned for more flash on the way!

We think you'll really be inspired by this work, especially if you are already an animator yourself! Pigs, like the above insects, will eat the feces of herbivores that leave a significant amount of semi-digested matter. In certain cultures, it was common for poor families to collect horse feces to feed their pigs. Pigs are also known to eat their own feces and even human feces as well. However, domesticated pigs should not be allowed to eat any sort of feces, as this contributes to the risk of parasite infection. Perhaps for reasons associated with pigs' ready coprophagy, pork was scripturally banned as human food first in the Old Testament and then the Qur'an. Practicing Jews, Seventh Day Adventists and Muslims familiar with this behavior by pigs may cite it as an additional important reason why pork should not be eaten. Requires Flash Player 10 or above.


tl;dr so jd was like wanna do a cc collab and i was like okay and then

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