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Castle Crappers Collab

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GASP! IT'S HERE THE CASTLE CRASH- .... crappers collab?

Don't forget to recomend it for the Castle Crashers and/or Clock Day 09 collections!! :3

Ok guys here's the story...

I sent this message to all the members of the Castle Crashers Collab, "Hello there, this is a message to all the members of the Castle Crashers Collab. August 14th is the joke date. lol :P Let me explain. August 15th is Clock Day as most of you should know. I'm going to submit a submission called "The Castle Crappers Collab"! haha. It's a joke for clock day. All you have to do is make a crappy submission for it. The funny thing is that on Clock Day it'll pass. But you know don't go overboard and make it utter crap alright. This is suppose to be a funny joke not something to piss everyone off and make them zero bomb us all. So make a crappy submission, but not toooooo crappy. K? lol Anyways the day that Castle Crashers was released was August 27th. So that gives you guys about 10 more days for your REAL part. Sound good? The REAL collab will be submitted on August 27th, so I need your REAL parts by August 25th and your FAKE parts August 14th. lol PM me back with your thoughts and comments if you wish. :)

Co-authors: PM me if you want to be coed. I'm not sure how many of you want to yet. if most of you do then I'll just co the best crappy parts. Or maybe the guys who don't get coed in the REAL collab. idk it'd be to soon I guess. Just tell me if you want to be coed for this. :)

I don't need any games or nothin' for the FAKE collab just flashes.


Now thanks to certain people you may have already seen this coming, but I think it was sucessful anyways. SO DON'T WORRY GUYS!! The real collab is coming to the portal on August 27th! :D



not good not bad i might never watch this again though

Ahh, Castle Crappers. . . .

that's funny, Ugh, Dante, DrClay, FNR, GSM, LD, OS, SNS--------->
I think overall, my two favorite parts
were the first skit (that guy's voice was silly!) and Giantsockmonster's.
There was one part, where the music lapsed over another song.
Not that that's a big deal or anything, just thought you might like to know. (Yeah, right, like you haven't watched it, since it's been posted up here!:)
Not to mention, you should warn people to move away from the screen before they start watching it in the dark. I think I almost had a seizure, from the sketchy cool art style and the FPS. Heh heh heh Ah, I'm kidding. It was silly and quick to watch. I giggled at the first skit. "It was gay."
That's classic, stuff guys. I don't care WHO you are!

...............Take care, be good and submit your FAKE parts.period

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Trying to hard

ughanation responds:

Correction. Trying to little. Seriously like no effert weren't ito this. lol thanks for reviewing. :D


giantsockmonsters was the best

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No awards for animation...

but u can count on one for funniness!!! :D Iol this was great really
but y was red so awesome!? Green rules!

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3.60 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2009
1:18 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody