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StrawberryClock's Elevato

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the fillin'est filler since filler came to fillertown

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Far from terrible

While not decent, this was admirable for a number of reasons. You even managed to reach OVER 9000 VIEWS and that's something a lot of Clock Day flashes never experience. The best thing was how you acknowledge the fact that you do not have something special planned for this day. With these short skits, you have at least done more than a lot of people I can think of. I am surprised you are not called WobuffetClock. It was just funny to see Wobuffet like that in this cartoon.

That reminds me of how I miss that guy from the latest pokemon anime. Anyway, the best one was probably the first because it had the most variety. That reminds me that my family members have been throwing up a lot lately. Let us hope everything works out for them. May that stock "The End" sound live on forever.


should have spent more time on a better clockday animation :P

the filler was a lil bit funny...

BlueKoalaClock responds:

You keep a diary.

Not very good, even for filler.

It's sort of just random and annoying.

BlueKoalaClock responds:

You own a Store.

Clock in an elevator!

Votin' it up when the score is down.
Clock in an elevator!
Votin' it up cause the clock is round!

Happy clock day!!