HammerClock and the flash

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It's full name is Hammer Clock and the Shitty Clock Day Flash. The story is about when Hammer Clock wants to submit a Clock Day tribute Strawberry Clock thinks it's shit so he gives him a helluva tongue slashing.
Also this isn't about the user who has, like never posted anyway, I didn't realize there was an actual Hammer Clock until after I finished the flash.

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Instant Favourite

The animation was'nt spectacular but it was great but its not the animation that im adding this to my favourite for its because of the script you this is hilarious the jokes but my favourite when hammer clock started to cry strawberry Instulted the shit out of him which made me lol. The ending was alos really funny "you missed faggot" it made me laugh. the voices were well done just like clocks lulz well i really likes the humor of this flash it is isntantly added to my favs well yea i guess that is oh exept 10/10 and 5/5 if only it was longer i would have loved this and cherished it forever to my grave ond on my gravestone i would have this titles (im uber hardcore when i comes to clocks)


Why did you break it, Ingo? WHY!!?

Chdonga responds:

Luckily it got deleted because it was a one-word review!

Wow cuz,

GREAT FIRST! God this was freaking funny as ever. I like how you gave the voices the original Clock voice (That they also use in crappy Sonic Sprite youtube videos). Wow and it got in Clock day 09' Nice man.

Chdonga responds:

The voice I used is actually from this program called Speakonia.
The more you know!

cool, should have won clock day.

hammerclock, cant you see im humping the desk? lol

(title in work)

I guess HammerClock learned the hard way that you cannot kill StrawberryClock. The thought the dialogue in this was really quite good. It definitely made me laugh to watch this movie. However, I didn't really appreciate that you don't think Strawberry likes Clock Day. I think you're wrong there ;)

Chdonga responds:

Nah he liked it, he just doesn't like those goddamn stat whores who five everything that gets submitted on clock day.

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3.46 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2009
7:48 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody