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tit le

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review title: movie description

this movie was minimalistic and simple, abut for a strange reason, quite enjoyable.
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rating 5.

summary, rating, and review


Good spirit

I feel like one of those SNL skits where the guys misinterpret the title of something. I was expecting someone to make a "t*t le" joke. Anyway, while this did not have much effort, it is hard for me to hate because it is some standard stuff from the Clock Crew. Congradulations on being a member of such a popular crew. I suggest that next time, you should put some actual things where those words go. I guess the "words" part speaks for itself.

I guess this was supposed to be a satire or maybe it was just intended to be spam. Either way, I bet you had some fun with this, how long it took. You should also put in some music as even if you intend to make something silly, music is good. I suggest Weird Al Yankovic. The most admirable thing about this is the spelling is good.

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anti-clock attacks

admission of enjoyment

(title in work)

Haha, this was quite simple, but also very brilliant I think. Sure, there wasn't much effort, storyline, or impressive graphics, but the humor of this was definitely there. I had a good laugh from watching this one. happy Clock day!