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Death of 'A'

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UPDATE! w00t! Made it to the front page.Thanks Tom, the NG Staff and and all the positive comments from everyone here at newgrounds. I have done my best to reply to your message.
History books* say that before the mighty StrawberryClock submitted 'B', he had turned in 'A' which was blammed to the peak of oblivion. Thus my animated doodle is based on that dead bastard child of StrawberyClock.

It's a silly short animation and personifies the letter 'A' and A's bleak, short lived future it faced by the trolling forces that binds newgrounds.

Merry Trolling and Happy Clock Day, everybody!

Song: Jedadiah Bernards - 'Pardon?(Theme)'
*History Reference: http://www.clockcrew.cc/c lockopedia/b

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Great animation and all, but why is he eating stuff out of a cup?

devilsgarage responds:

ha, yeah.. taht was some really bad art there.

I'm so happy :D

I felt kinda specal to be one of the people to win the Puzzle agent copy and you even knew i was in the clock crew, this is awesome! :D
Thank you so much.


devilsgarage responds:

you're welcome! enjoy the game

Congrats on your front page

It took me awhile to realize the irony in this is that the letter of the Clock Crew was "B" and it would make you wonder what did happen to "A". Thank you for clearing this up for me. The animation was really good (I especially liked how the colorfulness of StrawberryClock contrasted with the more plain artwork shown otherwise especially seeing as how it could be used as a metaphor for how the power of "B" blammed the poor "A".

devilsgarage responds:

hehe well said =D


Great short, I liked the music. And dayum, that review by Doube made my day :D

why don't people read...

loved it, I did not know of this until this, but I understand, because I took 20 seconds and read your caption. Judging by most these reveiws, others did not take that 20 seconds. People, read a book, read a book, read a goddamb book. It's not hard to read what the author was doing. If your on newgrounds and you don't know what "blam" is, I mean come on jack-likes-pie, you yourself even said you "blammed it", you know what the fuck a blam is. How fucking stupid are these people. Jack, did you "read" what this was about, cuz it seems you have no clue, and since you had no idea what it was about, you should not have bothered the world with your frazzled half put together crap opinion. There are more like you, and you all don't know how to read. You just look thru Shakespear looking for pictures, its sad and pathetic. Go ahaed, blast me, i don't care, I know I am right, and I know thousand of NGers (that looks funny) that will back me up. FUCKING READ YOU FUCKING ILLITERATE FUCKS!!!

devilsgarage responds:

you my friend has answered that correctly. A small percentage out here didnt know jackshit what this animation meant, far worse write a review.. only showing their intelligence on the topic of choice. Much appreciate your feedback and to the rest good luck and fuck off