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[CD09] Tony Little <3 CD!

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12/23/2011 *UPDATE* #7 all-time, hussies:
http:// www.newgrounds.com/ dump/item/ 10296515049f20334ca56547d 3ae937c

Oh yeah.. it's that time again!! Get PUMPED! :D

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Yeah baby, you can do it!

Punisher responds:

allllll niiiiight loooooong


I like the music track used :D! Really brings out the power of his work-out...!

Punisher responds:

boy, does it.


Another worthless clockday spam. Why you people don't feel any respect to all those great flashes, that should be in top 50, but instead you're taking their places? Flashes like this should be deleted the moment they got submitted here...

Punisher responds:


Happy Clock Day, I guess

How interesting it is for me to review this when the most recent 2010 Clock Day has just passed! I was quite disappointed by this, as it was basically nothing but a loop of something you did not make. I guess this could work on another site, but not on Newgrounds. I guess a good point would be that the resolution is fine. The main problem is that really nothing happens but you did not intend to do that at all. I guess you are pretty lucky to get something so highly rated on Clock Day as some people have trouble with even that.

Punisher responds:


Tony Little wins at the game.

The Gazelle exerices machine is one of the best exerise equipment ever assembled in the world. Fat melts away as so as you get on it. Happy Clock Day to us all fuck da Hatahs.

Punisher responds:

lol, gazelle