Your Hands Are Cold

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You're limited only by your own imagination.

Happy Clock Day.



Wicked awesome. I'm in awe.

ClockRadio responds:

Thanks snake {{{}}}


Making love to a giant strawberry came to my mind. It sounded kind of nice. But sadly, there are no strawberrys in this world to fornicate with. Sad, I know. There are oranges, but the citrus would burn. What a terrible and depressing world I live in...

i like it

i like how you made us imagine whats happening by watching and i have a good imagination it was very good and like you said its only as good as you want it to be. very well done.

Wow... like... bloody brilliant wow.

This is obviously the EXACT idea of what the clock crew is like. It is meant to make fun... of simply life and animation. It is so fucking hard to explain until YOU SEE THIS FLASH. You think it is going to be amazing and spectacular, a drama of amazing artistic talent and wonderful plot. And then it turns out to be just plain crap. I couldnt tell you how hard I laughed when she said "My hands are cold" That was just GENIUS. PURE BLOODY GENIUS. This is amazingly overrated and I wish you would of won this competition.

I didnt even know what to think when everything started to be drawn crappily. I was like WTFFFFFFff!!!! At first, it made me angry. then all of a sudden I actually started getting into the whole plot. THEN I realized it was a joke. THHEENN I started cracking up because of the way the music set the mood. And then I fell out of my chair laughing hysterically when the ending came. Just... FUCKING HILARIOUS.

You have my hat off to you my friend. This is great. FAVED, FIVED, AND TENED.

My... my... my hands are cold...

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ClockRadio responds:

Nah, winning is for people who deserve it.

As flash movies go,

I consider this perfection. well done

ClockRadio responds:

thanks yoyo :)

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Aug 15, 2009
12:49 AM EDT