Frodozers Vs. Clock Day 2

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The Frodozers, a rebel group aimed to stop spam from passing on Clock Day, have escaped from the building and have taken the fight to the streets. They are pinned down by the endless waves of spam. They won't go down without a fight though. As the spam comes through it is destroyed, one by one. It seems like every time they kill one another one is there to take its place.

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Happy Clock Day

You get points because it was just great to see those awesome sprites. While I never played that stuff when I was a kid, that has some of the best use of sprites I have ever seen. The main problem was that it was just the same thing over and over. I do not understand why this "Fro" group is popular, because none of the members even have pictures on their icons. I guess you did not refer to this itself as a spam flash, at least not in the author comments. You should have more than just an infinite loop.

Fro responds:

Submitted: 08/15/2009 | 12:00AM EST

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Genre: Spam


the Frodozers, i actually did lawl when i read all of the crew names

i wish you Frodozers good luck in fighting your war against spam, your outnumbered greatly, but you will succeed

peace out

-Review Request Club-


Fro responds:

Lol I never requested this in the RRC.

take an 8

just because i like metalslug

Fro responds:


Sorry but Frodozer are badass

But nothing can stop the spam on the Clock Day not even Wadolf. So nice try Frodozers but you have failed the mission. Are you going for a huge save point day or going outside. I have a good start on this great holiday. So Happy Clock Day. Also nice theme there.

Fro responds:

Nothing can stop it, but they will never get up.

This morning I'm on, today and tonight I won't be.

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3.68 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2009
12:00 AM EDT