Frodozers Vs. Clock Day

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The Frodozers, a rebel group aimed to stop spam from passing on Clock Day, are trapped inside a building. They are pinned down by the endless waves of spam. They won't go down without a fight though. As the spam comes through it is destroyed, one by one. It seems like every time they kill one another one is there to take its place.

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Those slugs

You guys have obviously been making these cartoons for a long time now and it seems to show. I think they have gotten a bit better with each viewing. I imagine that in the story there will always be another who will take the place as I believe this is an infinite loop (wait, it isn't!). Of course, they appear to have infinite ammo so it won't be much of a problem for them. I hope you had a good Clock Day as well as a good Halloween. Next time, you should have more than a single loop as that is not that popular on Newgrounds.

Fro responds:

This submission was a long time ago.



It was good, but the zombies should exactly get hit. But who cares, nice Metal Slug animation.

I liked the weapons, Metal Slug sure has good weapons! And thanks for submiting this, because i've been always liking Metal Slug. But sorry if the score was low. I have to make my decision. But anyways, i liked the music, Fro's theme. Also you and your crew have too work more and get more reviews so you could get an award on your animation. But really nice work though! Anyways heres a question. Was this on Clock Day?


Fro responds:

Yes this was a clock day submission and wasn't meant to be good in anyway. These were just alt accounts made for a joke. Thank you for the review though!

Metal Slug

Well, it's a piece designed exclusively for Clock Day and while it's got a decent piece of music to go along with it, you're not talking much else in the piece here.

A few bits of variation, with some different firing patterns from the three characters / ordinance pieces would have been nice, especially when the piece got so far and then just cut out. Man, you didn't even keep it going for the length of the track. Surely these guys would have fought off the wave after wave of spam if they could have put some more effort in!

[Review Request Club]

Fro responds:

Effort on clock day would be the dumbest thing in the world. Why put effort into something that's going to be completely ignored unless put on the front page.

Metal Slug is a WIN!

Haha, this is at least better than my clock day flashes. But the zombies could have at least walked into the bullets (why did they stop halfway through the right side anyway?), and a death animation would definitely look better as if they just disappear into nothing.

{ Review Request Club }

Fro responds:

Yeah, but if I did all that stuff it would defeat the purpose of clock day.

Nice... loop.

Score: 2 / 10
Summary: Nice... loop

Huh. Was expecting live action.
So, sprites. Not a bad medium. You did good. If this was a gif. It's way too short, and barely anything happens. No bullets seem to hit the zombie-ish characters, no blood, and it all just looped. At least the sprites were animated smoothly.

Quick lil' loop. No real plot nor story.

AWESOME MUSIC. But no SFX, which was not as cool.

Hey, it's a CD09 flash. What can I say?
And, where the hell is FaggotFro, or FroFaggot?

-=Review Request Club=-

Fro responds:

It's not a loop. Takes a trained eye to catch that.

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3.96 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2009
12:00 AM EDT