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Chrono Eternal: The Mist

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Author Comments

WARNING! dont expand the movie or the camera work will screw up for you!
For slower computers please run in MEDIUM or LOW quality some parts are excessive with graphics!
This is mainly a Sprite movie with certain parts being drawn with an anime or cartoon style.

Chrono Eternal: Episode 1 The Mist. Frames: 13,550 Run time: 7 minutes 53 seconds. FPS: 30
This is an original movie I thought of from playing games like Final Fantasy series, Legend of Dragoon, Chrono Trigger, Legend of Legaia, Tales of Vesperia, Ninja Gaiden etc... Anime shows like Bleach, Cowboy Bebop and Chrono Crusade influenced me as well.

It took about 200 hours to complete this episode including the scripting on and off with college work. The story isn't completely finished for a first episode because I hit the limit of 10mb sooner than I thought but there's enough to suck you in and continue watching. I apologize for the file size but I put an incredible amount of effort and patience into this work so its worth your wait.

The movie is based upon the 600 A.D era and uses alot of FF and video game terms, fans of RPG's will get a kick outta this one. Im debating whether to continue this series. If you like it post up a review to let me know what you guys think.

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you should really think of turning this into a video game, ur sprite work is pretty awesome, it would be a sick rpg/fighting game basic skill set the same story, i think you would have a hit in ur hands.

Hyper-Shadow-Death responds:

If i wasn't a fulltime trainer I wouldve already haha maybe ill make more flash videos in the near future but scripting is not my thing. Thank you so much for the awesome review!

ok-ish, but way too much copying

What do you get when you mix the main characters of Bleach (given different names) , the background characters of Naruto, and the music of Final Fantasy? An ok but obviously stolen video! I'm not saying it's not well animated or that you didn't spend a lot of time and effort on it, but come on, really? And it seems to me that if you copy things, you should at least call them their real names, cite the music, and say that you didn't get "inspiration" but that you copied it!

Hyper-Shadow-Death responds:

I appreciate your opinion. I was going for an original series that yes used the characters of previous games. So like tens of thousands of users that used existing sprites and called them their "own" names I am guilty of copying. I will however fully credit authors of existing franchises in my future movies.

Not good.

I know I'll get negative comments on this negative review, but that's fine. You said you were inspired by Bleach... It was more like you copied it blatantly in the design of the main character. I like Final Fantasy 8, but you didn't even credit the game's music in the file information. Again, not an inspiration, so much as a blatant copy. The voice acting was terrible. Perhaps that is partially a problem with your mic. Also, you seem to try to hard to make the main character some ├╝ber wannabe thug a.k.a.some ignorant degenerate. That is almost an insult to the designers of these games and animes. Even more, it is unoriginal. So take all this and add the little mistakes and you have a video that I like to call a Twilight Type production: you used popular names, games, shows, and characters to make a bad creation look more appealing to people who are already fans of these things; popular by association. You obviously have talent for basic flash, you just have no originality. Here's hoping that you do better on the next installment. Good luck.

Hyper-Shadow-Death responds:

Yea looking back at this my voice acting was shit, and the inspiration was more like me wanting to remake a series with existing sprites, totally unoriginal your right but come on 1 star? i'd think that I know more than just basic flash but I take everyone of your comments into consideration thank you.

Keep it up

It like what game and anime characters do when no ones watching. I hope to see more.

Hyper-Shadow-Death responds:

heh so true right? thank you!

Fuck Yeah!

Dig me some Final Fantasy, Dig me some Chrono Trigger, Dig me some Arch Enemy, and I totally dig me some WEED!!!!!!!! .... but uh... you know I can't afford more than an 8th a that shit right? Anyway, dope ass flash, I love the use of sprites mixed with a little flash, it was incredibly hilarious and well done! Not a fan of Bleach, but still a pretty good video... 5/5

Hyper-Shadow-Death responds:

And I dig your review thanks! I appreciate the continued support and will hopefully make more in the future!

Credits & Info

4.48 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2009
4:04 PM EDT