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Silver Shinobi -TRAILER-

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Well, all I can say is be nice and honest in your reviews please, because this is my first Flash animation.

The Silver Shinobi is a character of mine. Most people (even in Japan, where the Shinobi originate) seem to confuse the word "Shinobi" with the word "Ninja". Allow me to explain:

Ninja translates roughly as "one who uses ninjutsu". This is the more commonly used of the two. Ninja refers to anyone who is hired as an assassin, thief, or spy. Most commonly known for the assassination.

Shinobi, on the other hand, translates roughly as "Heart under Blade". Shinobi are more likely the kind of people who protect, escort and care for their friends, family, and clients. They fight using their hearts, not their bodies.

I'm probably going to make that a running theme in these animations.

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Hey not sure if my comment counts for shit now but i like it. It could use a little improvement but i'm sure you already got that handled since it's been 3 years haha. peace.
~~ Haner


The flash is made up of two bad drawings, some misplaced music, and some cheasy text.

Your definition of shinobi is completely wrong too. What made you think your random meaning was more accurate than the japaneeses'? honestly. You can't just make up a meaning and say the people who introduced the word are wrong. 'Ninja' does not translate into anything. it is simply a name given to that proffesion. Ninja's were people who would mostly spy on events and stalk people, and occasionally assasinate if necessary . And shinobi (Yes, thats right, that is also the name given to a proffesion of the time) were people who would specialise mostly in stealing, they dressed and acted similarly to ninja, only they were not trained information gatherers, but theives. Shinobi literally translates to "sneak theif". Not the cheasy hero thing you made up.

A flash preview can also only be accepted if it excels in one of two main areas, story or animation. Yours did neither. It did not show an original and well thought out story displayed in a well organised preview, nor did it show great animating potential to be unleashed in the real submision.

You failed quite badly in every area possible with this submision. You should work on making sure you know what your talking about before you state 'facts', and then you should work on creating original and interesting stories. Or you could improve your animating and/or drawing skills.

I wish you the best of look with future submisions, and i hope you do not invent more random definitions of words you do not understand.

like someone said

in fact it is good but ur drawing skill need to be improved for that ^^
but itwas good keep it up i want to see the episodes if u want to make some :D

To be honest....

The music was the worst part. You have drawing skills, at least developing ones. Stick with it and continue to submit. Get some better tunes in the future though. Perhaps use audacity to take the edge off that hardcore NES sound. It really cut through my headphones something awful.

Otherwise excellent first Flash. It is much better than most newbie submissions I see.

Kaminario responds:

Uhm, ever tried turning your volume DOWN?

Looking good

There's not much to see, but you seem to know where you're going with this series. You got me interested! (I do like ninjas/sinobis/whatever)

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1.45 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2009
10:07 PM EDT