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Smoke Shop Month

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Hello welcome to the smoke shop. From my experience (working at a smoke shop), I have made a game that is similar to my job. You order cigarettes for your customers to buy. They will want their personal brand; either regular, light or menthol cigarettes. Make sure you stock up on all brands before you start your day or else they will walk away when they find out you don't have their brand.

If you have regular cigarettes but no menthol or light(while the customer doesn't want regular), they will just get 1 regular cigarette and walk away, which is similar to my job. They will be added to your angry customer total. Additionally, if you have their brand, they will be added to your happy customer total.

If you order tickets or lighters to give to the customers for free, which are bought with your own tips, you can get even more tips from the customers that receive free stuff. Lighters can get you 3 dollars tips from each customer while tickets only give you a half a dollar.

Every Monday it rains, so less customers come and they move faster. The later it is in the week, the less people are working. That means that more people come to your shop. If there are customers walking to the shop, you cannot simply close the store in their face, you must serve your customers until there are no more left. Sometimes a bunch of customers come, or just trickle in. They will continuously come if they want a lot of cigarettes because of the delay in serving customers. Once you run out of cigarettes or find someone that only wants a few cigarettes, the new day will begin.

Customers are made at random. I believe there are 277702000 different possible customers. Each customer has a unique chance to wear a certain head accessory, hair style, skin color, shirt color, sleeve color, and shoe color. I do not discriminate, there can be a white, brown or black skin colored customer. Girls always have round bodies and long hair while guys have triangle shoulders and usually short hair(unless they have a Mohawk or Afro). All customers wear the same khakis pants though :P.

Game is made in AS3, 700x300 dimensions and 30FPS.

Try to get the most tips you can in 30 days. Is it better to simply keep all your tips? Or buy tickets and lighters and multiply your tips?

I have submit the game before, in case you already saw it.. It was 10 minutes before work, and I just wanted to submit it quickly and see how I would do at work. I submit the wrong file and couldn't submit the correct one at work, so I just deleted the submission. If you saw this game before, here are the things I fixed

-Instead of only 1 day of gameplay, there are 30(now you can finally try to beat my score)
-The cigarette smoke from the start menu emits clouds correctly.
-Added a message that tells the player how to speed up the day

I hope you enjoy and leave comments on how I can improve a second version.

Again if you skipped to the bottom:Try to get the most tips you can in 30 days. Is it better to simply keep all your tips? Or buy tickets and lighters and multiply your tips?

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Nice gameplay...

I really liked it. The gameplay is quite unique. Although, it could use some background music, and ambient sounds. For the lack of that, you get an 8/10 from me.

liked it.

really good work here. the animation could be a tad better but still a fine game.

Jereminion responds:

will fix animation

Good Work

The game Was good
But Animation Could Be More Better

Jereminion responds:

oo k


pretty good but no real strategy to it. upgrades for service speed or advertising options etc. just some ideas. nice concept, i havent seen smoke shop tycoon games at all actually. nice!

Jereminion responds:

well there is a little strategy. you could test out buying a certain amount of tickets or lighters compared to other amounts


this is a pretty good game, though it does get a little repetetive after a little bit. maybe add some upgrade options on the store or have specific brands to buy, something that would make the player pay more attention, if you will. but nonetheless, i enjoyed playing.

Jereminion responds:

if i make a 2nd one i will make it more interesting.

Credits & Info

3.20 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2009
6:42 PM EDT

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