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LoL: Oh Yes And Spiders

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First off the animation is huge, it's 12 megs big, so it'll take awhile to load. If you don't have the patients for that, then um... go watch something else. Something less insultingly huge. Perhaps a video involving cats, or excessive violence.

Well, here it is. The Legend of Link, Episode II: Oh Yes And Spiders.

You can find the opening theme music used in the animation at the www.songstowearpantsto.co m website, and the rest of the music over at http://ghostfacekilobyte.

It only took me forever to make it, and it required the help of dozens upon dozens of other talented people.

Also the first quarter or so of it is up on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=WLtkxAPgkIA but it ends telling people to go to newgrounds to see the rest.

The Legend Of Link is a pixel art animation, made almost entirely with frame by frame animating.

Enjoy please.

Also, if you bother watching the whole thing (it is very long) Do watch all the credits, as many people other than me helped with this, most of them without newgrounds accounts and their effort disserves a moment of your time.

Updatey thing ---

Thanks to people who watched it. Thanks for front page. Though it's probably down now as clock day I'm sure has presented billions of frontpage worthy entries.

Especially thanks to everyone who gave all those really... really complimentary reviews. They creep me out but are very nice.

I do not thank those of you that hated the animation, but I do respect you. Especially those that reviewed it and said what they disliked. You're wrong of course, but I respect you.

--end updatey thing.

--Another updatey thing

I'm... back on the front page. That was unexpected.

Not that I mind. Whoever did that I thank them with all my little heart. It was kind of you.

--end updatey thing.

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Did you get the inspiration for that one guard's brutal training and Link's character from LoZ: Lucky Number 13?

Emptygoddess responds:

No. I have no idea what LOZ: Lucky number 13 is.

A bit too talky for the most part buuut I do love the sprite work on this so it all evens out in the end

Emptygoddess responds:

All i know how to do is talk!

when is the next one of these animations coming out?

Emptygoddess responds:

Maaaaybe never.

true fact:lol is not only laugh out loud but it can also mean another thing for the game leauge of legends

Emptygoddess responds:

Leauge of legends was not a thing when I made this animation. It's that old.

This is the first ever animation that I have seen from you, which made me the fan of your work that I am today. It's been a surprising 4 years, and it still holds in its humor and visual quality. I just noticed I've actually never reviewed it before, and I don't think that serves justice to this amazing spritework.

The amazing--

Visually stunning animation that's filled with life. Every frame shows emotion, detail, and quality. From Link signalling his group to back away from Sprite when she talked about slavery, to the box slightly moving when Link tossed that "sticky and gross" item into it when it bounced off his bed. Everything had a purpose, and it made me watch again and again-- seeing something new each time.

The sounds-- while there wasn't much in terms of music, that proved to immerse me a lot more. When there was music, such as certain scenes or the menus, it fit perfectly, fit the mood, and gave the animation a lot more life. In particular, the Scene Select theme keeps me listening. But in the animation, all the sound effects were fitting and added to the immersion. It also made me smile that quite a number are from A Link to the Past.

The plot-- It's not usual that someone would take the set up from the animated show and go with it. It was a pleasure to see someone take the potential that was there, and capitalize it. The dialogue was clever, the interactions believable, and the characters well written. The voice actors gave such life to the characters that honestly if you had just done dialogue boxes, it couldn't do them justice. If I ever finally get into my game development and flash animation, I would hope to get actors half as talented as your team.

Also, on that plot detail, I really enjoy that this is a legitimate sequel to the four-part Episode I you made. The characters would even make references to that previous episode throughout the animation. Gave a great feeling of continuity and adds to that feel of making a homage to the show that you were aiming for.

The sheer details-- even the credits had something going on, and kept the watcher engaged. Even your Donation Button has clever use of wit. I've given money to your PayPal before, and I plan on it again, though I might put that through to the Kickstarter you posted about just to see more.

The negatives--

Grammatical Errors extremely frequent-- almost every scene has at least three or four errors. Some scenes have completely different dialogue than what's said, which sort of puts off some immersion.

Some visual errors-- Some of the colors on some of the sprites would change colors occasionally, like Link's hair. I believe I saw Pink, to Brown, to Blonde, to Gray throughout the animation.

Incomplete Credits-- While it's a gag that you poke fun at throughout your animations and games, you usually skip a few people and sources in your credits or give vague ideas on pieces of where to find it. I feel like that's more negative than positive. Like your credits seems unorganized, crediting things as they appear in your mind, rather than Order of Appearance, Significance, or Alphabetical. It also would be hard to read at times. Skipping yourself is fine, but you would have some soundtracks at the top, but then have another song near the bottom. It's four years later, but with the sheer quality of the entire animation and menus, it seemed out of place your Credits would be difficult to read; especially when you made it a note in the animation to please give a moment to appreciate the contributors.

I can't believe the biggest gripe I have is the Credits, and actually went into detail about it. XD

Other than that, this Animation was fantastic; and if those are the only gripes I had, it was damn good. And none of those detract from the overall experience.

I sincerely hope we'll see an Episode three that was teased in the Options menu, I can't imagine the hilarious back and forth Ganon and Link would have, and I will admit I've been excited to see that these four years since this came out. Hopefully with your recent return with the Kickstarter, you'll consider giving it a go. =D

Overall, this is one of my favorite animations of all time on Newgrounds, and I certainly hope we'll see more from you soon.

5/5 and a 10/10 would recommend to anyone, and have showed it to many already.


Emptygoddess responds:

Thank you. Truly. I don't know if episode 3 will ever happen, but if it does, I hope it has as much of an impact on you as this did.