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Firstly, please acknowledge that this is just the title sequence before you go ahead and comment. I once posted the previous title sequence for Doctor WhoM here, and got criticised on only the fact I did that, and had no feedback on the video itself.

Now, this is the title sequence for an up and coming flash series I'm working on with a freind, called 'Doctor WhoM'. It follows our own design of the 11th Doctor, romping around the Universe with his rather reluctant companion, Dave Fourevar.

The script for episode one is finished, and animation & voice acting has begun. If you would like to keep up with the series, just favourite me or something. I will be keeing you all up to date on the development of the series, and may advertise voice acting placements when they are needed too.

Thanks for reading and watching~

Music Used:
Doctor Who S4 Opening (Altered in 'Audacity') - Composed by Murray Gold - Performed by the BBC Orchestra of Wales

'Doctor WhoM' is a fanmade production made solely for free online entertainment purposes.
'Doctor Who' is copyright by the BBC.
'Doctor' and 'TARDIS' are trademarks of the BBC.



Hmm its good i guess

This one was quite good but not as good as the original, this wasnt as good because of no Tardis, but hey its still good, patiently waiting for Episode 1.

KazMazter responds:

This is actually the old title sequence, you can see the newest one in my list of submissions if you haven't already seen it.


Im going to be nice as you have worked realy hard on this for almost a year nwo i think you listened to my feedback a little i think and it looks great to be honest well put to gether and will look like a great opening to the full episode as allways keep it up mate and good luck :), MetalKnuckles5000,MINIMATTY,Poke-Arti st

Will look forward to the actual series

It's pretty basic. A decent interpretation of the Dr. Who series. Although if it was a parody, I would probably make more of a parody of the opening sequence and not just a re-interruptation of it.

If you get to the actual series, I would be very interested in seeing it, as I'm a Dr. Who fan.

Whats New..?

Ok im not going to insult you or your video but that was basically the doctor who but with an M on it and no TARDIS in the title sequence i like doctor who its an awesome programme but this im afraid i dont like.

what do you expect

honestly asking. what did you expect in a review, sense there is nothing. but here goes.

first i dont think content that has nothing except for credits should be deemed worthy of entertainment. the background was kind of annoying, and the music cut off before it got to the end. of course theres nothing else to talk about. even though its just a title, i ask why upload JUST a title?

KazMazter responds:

Though I understand it is difficult to give feedback on just a title sequence, it can still be helpful to get as much feedback before releasing the actual episodes, so you know what kind of audience you're dealing with.

Thanks for the comment anyways.

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Aug 13, 2009
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